With widely closed eyes

With widely closed eyes

In 23 years blind Vasily Ivanov has mastered programming. Now it trains in computer literacy of blind people.

Vasily absolutely sees nothing, but every day goes from Tolyatti to Samara on public transport. The young man studies in Volga region state academy of telecommunications and informatics, and in parallel teaches in the Center of social initiatives visually impaired and blind. However, Vasily would like to find more highly paid work in the programming sphere.

The talent – to live

In due time in the doorway there was a young man with a cane. It has assured us that has easily found the address of edition and, in general, freely moves on the city.
– Certainly, there were problems when I the first time has arrived to Samara, – Vasily speaks. – But over time has accustomed and now I can reach in any point of the city. Samara became long ago for me the second house.

I was born in a usual family, with sight at native there are no problems. And here I was not lucky. Doctors believe that I have ceased to see because of a patrimonial trauma. Though mother considers that I was born healthy, but with weak sight. Me in anything did not limit, I grew, as the ordinary child. Met friends, went to campaigns with parents.
As Vasily has told, in 15 years it has absolutely gone blind. To realise it when life only begins, it was hard.

– I strongly worried, – Vasily remembers. – Parents in every possible way supported me. Knew only one: it is necessary to live further and something to achieve. And then I set a goal – to master the computer.

According to Vasily, it was very much helped by knowledge which the father has given it in the childhood. The boy always would like to make something. He is able to repair the car, having studied all details to the touch, and even to operate car, but only in a deserted place.

– Everything is interesting to me that is connected with equipment, – Vasily speaks. – Houses I responsible for sockets and household appliances. I can, without looking, everything to make. But the purpose at me another: it would be desirable to be realised as the programmer. Today I can create sites, and I even have the small business.

Blind teacher

Vasily has told that the first computer from which actually all and has begun, has appeared at it more than 10 years ago and has managed in a round sum – 50 thousand rubles. Such expenditure by much it were too expensive, and it postponed many months a disability pension, moving ahead to the planned purpose.

– When I had «a clever friend», it wanted to me to study somewhat quicker, – Vasily speaks. – At first itself looked for special programs for visually impaired, and then has addressed in the Center of social initiatives where has told about the hobby. To me have met, and we began to work in this direction. Having seen my first results in programming, to me have suggested to conduct courses for visually impaired and blind, to train them in elementary skills, for example, to use social networks, to look for the necessary information.

According to Vasily to master the computer it is possible within two months. And, even in a remote mode. Pupils often call by it to phone and learn something new. There are also pensioners, which remember information to a raid then freely to leave on the Internet and to while away time. Sometimes ask to help to understand settings of phone and to instal the special voice program for the blind.

– Now a lot of the innovative has appeared in society, – Vasily speaks. – Only manage to master. Only that does not suffice – ATMs with voice-activated control. Though to sound the terminal as easy as shelling pears. Surprises that IT specialists before have not guessed.

Everything began with a rap

Vasily remembers that one more incentive to learn to work at the computer has appeared, when arrangement was necessary for songs of own composition for it.
– I wrote recitatives for future compositions, – Vasily speaks. – Understand, that they could be executed at various competitions, it is necessary to pick up competently melodies, to edit words. Thanks to creativity I had many friends, both in a network, and in the hometown. And in academy I participate in all actions, at me there are a lot of creative acquaintances. But after I have mastered programming, the rap has kept away from this hobby and now almost to the composition. Simply I do not know, how it is correct to present myself on a scene. But, know, I do not worry, because I consider: the profession itself has chosen me.


Sergey Indereykin, president СРООИ «Centre of social initiatives»:

– Vasily Ivanov – the initiative young man who could arrive in the Samara academy. When it has come to us to the centre on computer courses, has quickly mastered programs, and now trains the visually impaired. Imparts experience. It would be desirable to note that there is not a lot of such active people, after all someone becomes reserved and sits out at home, complaining of life. And Vasily самореализуется, does not sit in place and helps not only to blind people, but actively participates on an equal basis with able to see in various projects.

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