The childrens rehabilitation centres – than in them are engaged, and how they can help children with features with development?

The childrens rehabilitation centres – than in them are engaged, and how they can help children with features with development?

The difficult lifelong diagnosis — cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, autism, a Down syndrome or Williams, any other genetic violation is made to your child … Or you while only notice that with your kid «something not so» — it obviously lags behind in development contemporaries, means it is necessary to establish as soon as possible the diagnosis and immediately to enter on a way of rehabilitation and correction of development of the child. For this purpose there is a lot of possibilities.

If the diagnosis is unknown

You notice that your child after other age-mates has risen on legs, has gone, has exorcised, if at it problems to schooling to a pot, enuresis (bed wetting) — is true signals to addressing to the district doctor that it has directed you:

  • first, to the neurologist;
  • secondly, to the geneticist;
  • thirdly, to the psychiatrist.

Parents do not need to take a position of an ostrich: «No, it cannot be! Why it has occurred to my child?!» While you reflex, suffer or doubt, you miss precious time. The earlier the diagnosis will be established, the it is necessary to start rehabilitation rather. In this case the probability is higher that your kid when will grow, becomes socially adapted person, can serve itself and go on life independently.

The diagnosis is known? We start rehabilitation

Doctors when pronounce to parents a severe sentence in the form of the incurable diagnosis, as a rule, tell the following:« The more you enclose in the child, the will develop it more, the result, the more return» will be better. Yes, it concerns each child! But «the special child» it is necessary to be engaged in development in 10 or in 100 times more. After all your task – as though it severely has sounded — to make him the independent person until as you will die. Now without you the child cannot put on-undress, wash ware, cook to itself food, dispose of money, do necessary purchases … Such children can be immensely kind, sympathetic, frank and are thus absolutely helpless in a life. Your task to teach them to serve itself. And besides, to teach them to rejoice lives, to find in it fine! Are for this purpose vital not only occupations by physiotherapy exercises, but also creativity — drawing, a moulding, singing, game on musical instruments — according to the lights and possibilities, certainly.

Techniques of correction and development are individual

To recommend the specific program of development in this case it is impossible, because diagnoses and violations at all special children so different, as the approach to their rehabilitation and correction of development is especially individual. Techniques are defined only by the expert, in each case.

Here the list of problems in development or diagnoses with their abbreviations:

Cerebral spastic infantile paralysis — children’s cerebral paralysis;

ZPR — a delay of mental development;

ZRR — a delay of speech development;

MMD — the minimum brain dysfunction;

The ODE — the musculoskeletal device;

ONR — the general nedorazvity speeches;

RDA — early children’s autism;

SDVG — a syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity;

OVZ — limited possibilities of health.

The main thing — not to perceive any of diagnoses or deviations in development as a final sentence which «is not subject to change and the appeal». The medicine and a science are not at a stop. Doctors, psychologists and teachers, their experience convince: both the correct techniques, and parental love work wonders.

One of mistakes of parents of special children is that they hope to cure an illness drugs — expensive, brought from abroad, miracle … Try to apply both stem cells, and the latest preparations — it is vain. For example, if the child does not hold a pencil in a hand, here no tablets will help — only occupations, occupations and once again occupations. And as a result the child, let and after the age-mates, but after all will learn to write!

Where to address?

First of all to the attending physician — to the pediatrist or the psychiatrist. If to the child disability is put — make out and track, that in the individual program rehabilitations (IEPER) have been filled all important points for your diagnosis (orthopedic footwear, the hearing aid, a wheelchair). Then necessary bodies of a social security will give out all to you free of charge. Besides, to IEPER should write and rehabilitation measures — for example, massage, services of the logopedist, the psychologist and дефектолога. Services of all these experts should provide to you in district children’s clinic. Only do not wait that to you from there will call and will tell: «Come to occupations with the logopedist and the psychologist». Most likely, you should take with itself IEPER, the certificate of the disabled child and go to policlinic to find out, in what days of week and hours with your child experts will be engaged.

So, children’s policlinic — the first place where to you are obliged to offer the help. Besides, in too each area of the district there are Centers of social service. Find in the Internet of their address, for example, gather in the searcher: TsSO "Koptevo" — also will drop out the address and phone where it is possible to address.

Then address in district board of education in which department there are centres of development of special children. In boards of education knowing experts work — they know each special child personally! If, of course, parents address to them for the help and council. There to you will recommend also the development and rehabilitation centre, and preschool institution where accept special children, and the correctional school suitable your child. There are inclusive schools (An inklyuziya — from the word "inclusion", it when one or two special children) accept in a usual class. But while, we will tell honest, the inklyuziya not so gets accustomed on our soil: the difference in abilities and possibilities of children that becomes difficult to all — both to healthy children, and special, and the main thing — to teachers who should run around like a mad, in fact, between one pupils and others is so great.

In each district there is a Center of the social help — be knocked and at these doors! There too are engaged with children in creativity, play developing games, psychologists advise families in different situations.

As special children every year for some reason is born more and more, and the centres for their development, corrections and rehabilitations arises enough: both state, and private. In the annex to this text the long list of addresses where the developing centres working in each district are specified is given. To Poobderita who suits your child.

Than there are engaged?

Surely pass occupations with defektology, the logopedist, the psychologist. An important subject — social adaptation, where to the child in a game form explain how to behave in society, impart skills of communication. Speech development, outlook expansion, world knowledge — everything occurs in a form available to special children. Development of a small motility is useful to development of brain activity therefore with children surely are engaged in a moulding from plasticine or salty dough. Then toys from the text paint paints — very lovely hand-made articles turn out! In some centres with children are engaged even in foreign languages. The theatre and musical occupations are integral, because teachers prepare morning performances and holidays with children. In such centres everything that children did not feel on a life roadside do.

Previously call in the centre, ask reception conditions: there, for example, can specialise on work with children hard of hearing, and at you other problem can be perfect.

Choose the centre closer to the house. Feature of such children — fast fatigue. It is not necessary to test their forces and to go through all city. The key to success of your occupations — stability, a regularity. And if the child gets tired, it will start to be ill often, and then the expected result from occupations will not be.

With healthy children — together!

Certainly, choosing the centre for development of the child, you should estimate soberly his abilities, talents and physical possibilities. Children with difficult diagnoses sometimes so different in level of the development, what sometimes you are surprised, how they in general can study, for example, in one class? After all their educational knowledge and skills — the sky and the earth is simple. Let’s tell, at one speech it is developed, and another does not talk almost …

Therefore, properly think, whether it is necessary to you to address in general in the rehabilitation centre. At whom problems with speech in the company of children who almost do not speak or stammer, will start to imitate, follow their example, in fact to degrade. It is necessary to you?

Perhaps it is possible to send your child to usual music school? Let he does not become the great musician, but for the general development will be engaged. Game on any musical instrument — this development of coordination, a small motility, so — and a brain. Or your child having a delay of speech development can, perfectly draws? Then can send him to usual art school?

After all — let’s face the truth — in the centres of development and correction quite difficult society steals up. With hyper active or, on the contrary, autichny children to communicate not easy even to the adult person. Very not easy. So why then to keep your child in such difficult society if it is socially adapted, it is not aggressive, adequate, is able to behave in society and the main thing — does not disturb educational process in a class with ordinary healthy children? Let even it something недопонимает, the main thing — does not disturb people around!

If your child such — fight for that it have admitted to any institution of additional education — whether it be the House of children’s creativity, music or art school. Will not accept — address in Department of formation of the city of Moscow. While at us really not all people are ready to accepting all «a little strange» in the circle. Our business — gradually to aspire to that the situation has changed.

In a civilised society long ago have understood: the advantage of such communication is received by both parties. Healthy children become more careful, kind, attentive. And problem children make breakthrough in the development because try to follow the lead of the healthy.

Persistent occupations and integration, introduction on healthy Wednesday — here a right way of social adaptation and rehabilitation of special children.

So you should estimate soberly possibilities of your child and understand, where it is better to it to go, where to it will help — with establishment of additional education or in the rehabilitation and correction centre rather.

The Internet to you in the help!

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Lilia Yashchenko