History of the paralysed optimist

History of the paralysed optimist

Jesse Bilauer was only 17 years old when doctors have sounded the terrible diagnosis: A kvadriplegiya (paralysis of extremities) also have taken out a verdict that, most likely, the young man never cannot go any more. During driving on Jesse’s surfing has damaged a spinal cord at level of the VI cervical vertebra, and now it cannot move without a wheelchair, and about dream of the childhood – to become the professional surfer, it is possible to forget forever.

The tragedy has not prevented Jesse to continue «to be on a wave» – if not in direct, figuratively – he has decided to concentrate not on strokes of bad luck, and on something more considerable. So there was its organisation for disabled people with damages of a spinal cord of "Live Rolls On" ("Life goes on").

Jesse’s performance:

History of the paralysed optimist

«Me often ask, as I managed to keep such positive relation to life after such heavy trauma, – speaks to Jesse. – This feeling which to me managed to be carried by through the tragedy, actually, always with me. And I would like to share it with you.

Close for an instant of an eye and think, where you see yourselves, say, in some years. Present the dream. Think of the one who you with whom you now that you now do are. And regardless of that, desires of which you now think will be realised or not, I want, that these thoughts forever remained with you.

When I was a boy, I remember, how woke up in the morning, went to brush teeth, had breakfast, ran in school, played about baseball, football, went for a drive on surfing, is and there was my life. I was fond of the most different pieces as any healthy child, and never even could think that something from this that surrounds me, can disappear somewhere. I could not think even that the fact of is possible that all this will not be. Just now, when all this in the past, I understand, what it was a gift.

People often think that the bad happens only with bad people, but, unfortunately, it not so. Bad events occur in life of good people, and during such moments very accurately realise that tomorrow to anybody from us not with guarantee. It is important to be able to enjoy that is now, to be grateful that is at present, to let to friends and parents know how much they mean for us before becomes too late. To enjoy the moment it is possible in the different ways. I consider that the main value in life – to follow the heart, to do that you really want to do, follow an internal voice. All of us only temporarily able-bodied, and all of us anyway will lose once force which as now it seems to us, will not leave anywhere. The same as it seemed to me that ability to move when I was a boy anywhere will not get to.

The senile age, any disease or trauma can become the reason of loss of forces. And then time when you ask the help will come. Trying to share the positive relation to life today, I want to tell, that you addressed with other people the same as you want, that addressed with you, – open a door when to you knock, share food, money when it is possible, be people concerning each other.

I have started to be engaged in surfing when to me was 9. Has got strong sponsor’s support on this sport at the age of 12 years. Took part in competitions in Indonesia, Tahiti, on Hawaii, in Costa Rica, Mexico, – I have visited all these corners of a planet before to me was executed 17. According to the Surf magazine version I have entered into TOP 100 of promising surfers, my candidate was considered as potential for participation in world tour.

A month before the 17 anniversary and a month before my complete formation as the professional surfer I have gone to go for a drive, as have got used to do it always. Usually I go for a drive alone, but that day I have asked friends that they have gone with me. One awkward movement – and the wave has covered me behind. I have appeared completely in water the person down, helpless as small kitten, already under water because of trauma of a spinal cord incapable to make any movement. Fortunately, friends have bethought in time – I remember, how they have turned me the person up. The next second I have realised that the best friend says that it is necessary to hold the head over water, on a beach at me in thoughts everything is carried by that is connected with hopes of future achievements – I am the professional athlete, a star of films, the graduate of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, here mine the wife and children … My following reminiscence is a hospital. When I have regained consciousness, have been sincerely sure that in few months I will be as it should be. I also did not suspect that is paralysed.

After the got trauma I have understood that it is necessary to reconsider the outlooks on life. So, for example, I very long time was afraid that I will fall from a bed and I can not rise itself, or I am unable make something without the aid of friends. But once in a difficult situation I have helped the friend to open unintentionally slammed entrance door therefore I speak to you now – try. Simply try to make what you really want, – do not give up ahead of time. And as soon as you will follow call of the heart, you will understand that that seemed to you trudnodostizhimy or impracticable, you are capable to execute. Therefore follow the heart. Believe, you will well feel only because have tried to make that wanted. Even if you will not manage to reach heights, all of you will equally feel much better.

I travelled much and I can tell that very few people from people understands, how we actually were lucky – houses, education, food, clothes, families, – all these godsends. The huge number of people in the world is deprived of all these benefits. I very well remember, how once have met the girl of 13 years at whom feet have been amputated. To it have presented a bicycle and it twisted pedals hands. In the beginning at it not so well it turned out to do it – she has constantly come across passersby and ran on nearby standing subjects, but some months later when I have met again it, she already precisely knew how to address with a bicycle, and masterfully manoeuvred between people. During that moment the only thing that I saw on her face is a wide light smile. Then I have understood that matter is not in volume as we look outside, and that actually occurs at us inside. Therefore that you feel inside and is definition of the one who you are is. And while you are not satisfied by yourselves, nobody can be satisfied by you. Make sure that you are happy before making happy relatives. For this purpose sometimes it is useful to spend some time alone to wonder: that I want that is my passion and what my purposes in life. And as soon as you will find that you love, life will find more sense, and, other direction is possible, perfect. It will go forward with greater speed, and it becomes interesting to you to live it.

In my case after a trauma I had a choice – whether there will be I at home, whether will feel sorry for myself and constantly to grieve for unrealizable dream or I will go other road – I will continue to enjoy life, to follow the true desires. I have chosen the second way – after a trauma I have based Life Rolls On fund which helps other people with traumas of a spinal cord, by means of friends again was engaged in surfing, have acted in the documentary film, San Diego in the communication direction in 2002, – a word has graduated from the university, did everything that my dreams were carried out. I also have used possibility to dive in a cage from which I saw sharks, jumped with a parachute, went for a drive on mountain skiing.

Each of us has the role which we should play. Never despond. It also is my secret – simply let know to all around that life is invaluable».

For the last 15 years Jesse Bilauer became one of leading speakers in the sphere of people with other possibilities. Accident became incentive which has helped the young man to create other relation to tests which were presented to it by life is cardinal, has defined his charisma and an individual approach to a perspective of disabled people. All this finally has caused increase in attention to it from the general public – from pupils of elementary school to heads of big business and the international corporations. The young man often travels on the country and urges people to receive at most pleasure from life and to use to concentrate every instant on the strengths, instead of on shortcomings. Its motto: «Love life because life loves you».

Jesse Bilauer was born on February 24, 1979 in Kulver-City, California. The history of his life has been broadcast on television in the program «Good morning, America», "Today", «Demarcation NBC” and others. Its successes in area of public statements have been awarded a number of awards.

More about Jesse it is possible to learn on a site http://www.jessebillauer.com

Photo from a site http://www.jessebillauer.com

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