The actress of comedy theatre is not afraid of stutter and pairs more of diagnoses

The actress of comedy theatre is not afraid of stutter and pairs more of diagnoses

The inhabitant of California Nina G. knows firsthand that means to live adequately with the diagnosis «inability to training». Nina has chosen humour as the main weapon of fight for an active vital position and not exhausted internal force – she is the unique actress-comedian who appears on stage, despite stutter and the diagnosis «inability to training».

The actress of comedy theatre is not afraid of stutter and pairs more of diagnoses


To Nina have diagnosed «inability to training» at elementary school. Approximately then she has started to stammer. In the 3rd class the girl of the beginning the long way of fight for the rights of disabled people – looked for common language with teachers who sometimes underestimated its abilities, has learnt to avoid unpleasant situations in communication with colleagues and friends, worked over self-image. Nina has grown in Oaklanda, California, and studied at the Californian University in Berkeley, – to the higher school which long since specialised on protection of the rights of people with other possibilities therefore Nina at a dawn of fight has received "charge" of the correct mood and has decided to make everything from it depending to expand the rights and possibilities. This decision has been supported with support of parents which have helped Nina not only to overcome diagnosis consequences, but also not to give in on stereotypes that people with other possibilities are limited and cannot achieve anything own forces.

One of Nina’s performances:

The actress of comedy theatre is not afraid of stutter and pairs more of diagnoses
The actress of comedy theatre is not afraid of stutter and pairs more of diagnoses

Cover of the book of Nina

Nina grew the stutterer. Several times every minute in her life this or that sound took her unawares – she became silent, repeated a word several times – as if it got to "trap", – then got rid of "trap" and continued the begun thought. Throughout all life people around gave to Nina indulgent advice that it should be made to get rid of defect and significantly added that thus it is necessary to try very much. Some were not so kind – still adult people laugh and scoff at its stutter. Nina does not hide it, – moreover, she openly declares that laugh at it. But it does it not in absolutely usual way, namely, – from a scene. Nina works as the comedian and during performance with pleasure will tell you about how it managed to embarrass publicly people who openly laughed at it. From people around the girl answers caustic remarks by means of art. For this reason, if once you will meet and recognise her in cafe or on the street and thus want to release in its address the caustic remark, be careful.

Nina – the woman unique today in the world which, being the stutterer, works as the comedian. She also actively fights for the rights of people against other possibilities, speaks at public actions and is the author of books for children and the teacher. She always tries to count on sense of humour – so it shows that this quality helps people to resist to social injustice and it is better to understand disabled people.

When Nina is not occupied in performances at comedy theatres («The San Francisco Punchline», «The Laugh Factory»), she works with disabled children at high schools and carries out trainings for professionals. Its master classes and mini-discussions in groups include the following subjects: «Overcoming of obstacles for achievement of success», «How to develop talents and skills», «Universal model of training», «Professional work with people who stammer», «Professional work with people with inability to training».

One of Nina’s last projects is fight for disclosure of abilities to training of people with violations, promotion of laws which help them to fight for the interests.

Nina is the author of the book «Once Upon an Accommodation: A picture book for all Ages». Volume of the book of 28 pages, in it the author narrates about own hardship and ways of fight against them.

«Many children and many adults face the diagnosis of inability to training, but not up to the end understand that this phrase means. For a start it is necessary for people to decide on such diagnosis precisely that it means for them then to find the place in life and to fight for the rights. I want to express huge gratitude, both to parents, and University in which I studied, for that unimaginable support which they have rendered me at a formation stage. Without them I could not reach that I have today».

Nina in the work tries to explain the most simple language that means to solve problems with training, shares personal life experience and adds: «many people with disability or without it never heard stories of people with other possibilities – speech not necessarily about a success stories, it can be the simple description of a course of life. For example, they do not suspect, as their diagnosis can be connected with the country legislation in which they live. So, for example, in the USA each disabled person hardly knows about existence of the Act of Disability and the Act of Rehabilitation. In due time experts have helped me to find the rights and freedoms of the person with the diagnosis of inability to training, and I would like, that parents and children with the similar diagnosis or any another always remembered that to them is where to ask for help and on their request to them will answer. It is necessary to look for simply a right direction and to put efforts».

And though Nina’s book is written, first of all, for children, parents also will like easy style and humour of work. Many grants about violation of learning ability are quite hard perceived by children and parents, Nina’s book easy and light, in it is a lot of pictures and the text is written by available language, though contains serious information.

Nina emphasises: «I hope that this book will read not only children with features», but also adults, and also teachers, members of the family and friends, – so that people have understood for themselves that underlies concept «training violation».

Thus, Nina helps the reader to see and realise that means to live with the diagnosis of inability to training and to be a part of a big family of people with other possibilities.

Now Nina lives in Oaklanda, California. She tries to inform more adequate information on disability, both in life of visitors of night clubs, and in student’s audiences. Her main assistant in this case is the humour. She tries to make so that the sense of humour was adopted by her pupils as fundamental strategy of life.

Nina’s book can be bought on, it has been let out by Create Space publishing house. More information on Nina G. activity can be found on her site, also in group in the social Facebook network

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