Ted Rammel: the surgeon operating in a wheelchair

Ted Rammel: the surgeon operating in a wheelchair

In 2010 life of the American surgeon-orthopedist of doctor Ted Rammel (Ted Rummel) has turned over – doctors have found in it an inoperable tumour on a backbone. Kavernozny гемангиома has brought into both feet full to paralysis and has set the talented doctor in a wheelchair.

Ted Rammel: the surgeon operating in a wheelchair

It seemed that career of the surgeon who was carrying out about one thousand operations in a year, is forever complete.

But the "former" doctor has moved itself not typically. Having sensibly estimated current situation – paralysis has concerned only the lower part of a body – he has thrown all forces on the most difficult rehabilitation for the only purpose: to return in operational, with a wheelchair or without!

In a year after the accepted decision the hospital in which it worked, has trusted in it and has agreed, that Ted Rammel has performed the first operation in a wheelchair. Obligatory presence of the second surgeon was the only stipulation in case Ted needs the help.

This experience has shown that it is capable independently and irrespective of the second doctor to perform all stages of operation.

Ted Rammel: the surgeon operating in a wheelchair

So, Ted Rammel has returned to hospital and has continued the work. On a wheelchair it quietly operated hands, elbows, a foot, anklebones and knees.

Ted Rammel: the surgeon operating in a wheelchair

It was quite possible to be proud of this outstanding victory, but the surgeon regretted that cannot return to the favourite area of orthopedics – to a humeral joint operations.

To perform such operation it is necessary to stand … Then to Ted the new idea has come to the head: and why not to use a wheelchair with a vertikalizator?

Without shelving business, he has bought a chair allowing it is in vertical situation with the help of fixing belts. Having a little trained, Ted has understood that can be standing in comfortable conditions rather long time. And bigger also it was not required to it.

After that it has completely returned to a system because patients paid attention, first of all, to its experience and knowledge, instead of on a wheelchair.

This tremendous professional rehabilitation – a striking example of that it is possible to reach the purpose, even if all against you.

Ted Rammel: the surgeon operating in a wheelchair

It, of course, does not mean that we live in the plush world where everything is easy and simple. Though Ted Rammel has shown simply iron will, courage and persistence, he, nevertheless, remained the modest person, having emphasised that, having appeared in a situation of sudden paralysis, he already was the taken place surgeon, owned a profession, and also sufficient financial resources and strong support from native and colleagues. Certainly, this huge advantage, in comparison with who does not have anything to who should begin from the very beginning.

But, anyway, without his courage and commitment Ted Rammel never again would see operational … at least, as the surgeon.

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