«Able-bodied to be more important, than to be on welfare on disability»

«Able-bodied to be more important, than to be on welfare on disability»

In the 7th mornings – swimming, in 9 – already on work, in the evening – power trainings. During week-end – travel on the car through towns and villages the countries. From Moscow where Dmitry has moved from Surgut more than half a year back to reach sights of the North, the West, the South of Russia it is possible. Now and vigorous capital life became for persistent and hardworking Dmitry habitual and convenient. Such he has made it. Also helps to do to another. Explaining that comfortable, high-grade active life for those who cannot go, begins with the correct selection of a carriage. Which becomes body continuation.

«Able-bodied to be more important, than to be on welfare on disability»

– Once, in Surgut, I have begun searches of a convenient carriage for myself. It was after failure. Generally I was at home and waited or when my brother will come after work or when the father will be free and can bring me, for example, to the sports hall. But when I had a convenient carriage, the car and more comfortable conditions of the inhabited environment, then I began to choose time when I will go to the sports hall when on study, work – and nobody to wait.

Having got a freedom of movement, Dmitry not only has continued sports activities – repeatedly was the prize-winner in a disk and spear throwing at the All-Russia competitions, – but also began to work in the rehabilitation centre of Surgut.

– There I worked 6 years as the instructor in physiotherapy exercises generally with patients who were traumatised hands. In the traumatologic centre

people from all Hanty-Mansiysky district were restored. There the destiny of people actually was defined: or they come back to the work capacity, or receive disability. My main task was to give powerful explosion to an organism so to adjust the person that it did not miss possibility to be rehabilitated. After all able-bodied to be much more important, than to be on welfare on disability.

These words very much affected patients. They regularly came to occupations, did not pass, developed hands very diligently.

However, at first I did not represent how to work in rehabilitation. After all earlier I was a trainer on fight, trained children. And, frankly speaking, when we passed adaptive physical culture in institute, for me it was a little ridiculous: after a bar, the sports hall, any loadings – and here any balls, sticks, represent?

That mobility of hands of patients improved I has started to think out and invent different movements, exercises. After all I have healthy hands, I can show, how they rotate. And as they should rotate at the one who now with a trauma: and the person knew, to what he should aspire.

Later half a year I had the office on development of hands. Traumas were the most different: from simple changes – before amputations and neurologic consequences.

– Your patients did not surprise, what their doctor conducts such active way of life?

– As my patients saw that I on a carriage, many set mass of questions about health. And I often went on the exhibitions connected with health care. The annual exposition "Integration" passes the third year in capital Expocentre. It is exhibition minimodel in Dusseldorf – the huge platform devoted to all types of rehabilitation. On one of exhibitions I have got acquainted with the future employer.

Having learnt about that I am the employee of the rehabilitation centre and I understand in carriages, he has offered me work. It was interesting to me, but I could not present to myself as I will leave from the favourite work and I will go to Moscow.

But those who have given me the second life after a trauma, have advised to me to agree.

To Moscow was to go terribly, Dmitry admits. As in other civilisation with the laws. But Dmitry was carefully prepared for changes …  

– In Moscow not easy was to find the flat which would be available and convenient. I was lucky – I such have found. In it I can do everything.

Conveniences begin with an entrance. It is the lowered barrier with a convenient inclination that it was possible to call in most. At an entrance – lack of big thresholds. It is the lift, it is better two. It is a big door to the flat. Low thresholds. I overcome five centimetres, and if 10 is already much. It is a spacious bathroom that there was it is possible to be developed. And combined with a toilet.

In the sports hall not everything was convenient for me. But the management of the fitness centre has seen that I come to the 7th mornings, I swim – they have made specially for me a parking, have lowered a border that I did not call the security guard since morning. I have got to myself a chair for a shower. And in the pool there are no thresholds.

By the way, when I looked for the fitness centre, have called in in one and to me speak: you know, to our clients it will be inconvenient, if you go here by a carriage. Well time is not present – I have found to myself other club with conditions much better.

– Now you work as the manager on development of Department of rehabilitation. It turns out, as in Surgut, and in Moscow you do in fact the same work: help people to believe in itself.

– On new work with clients-kolyasochnikami I always need to look a little forward. Happens, someone is sure that the back of 45 cm in height is necessary to it. I speak: why to you such big? If you make it a little less – receive mobility. The carriage should be small, convenient, develop, that it to use independently.

– You argue that in a carriage of people should feel as in convenient footwear. How it to achieve?

– Our JSC Sims-2 company delivers rehabilitation means from Switzerland to different regions of Russia. My task that the carriage suited on the size to only one person. Measurements it is done very carefully. After all when it will make, it will be already impossible to alter something. To understand, which is necessary a carriage, we find out, when also what there was a trauma as far as the person is active, it uses it or by means of the accompanying. The individual sizes – width of sitting, depth of sitting, height of the back, what wheels the big, what small, what handles, what bokovushka, corners, colour, tyres – these parametres too should be put in a design. We send the order on plant to Switzerland.

I draw parallels between the previous work and present. In Surgut exercises helped people to be restored, come back to activity. And the carriage helps the person to achieve implementation of the dream. If, of course, the only thing that does not suffice to the person is a mobility, mobility and activity.

But I often go to business trips across Russia and a situation with delivery of means of rehabilitation in regions the difficult.

The Chinese carriages which there offer, cannot possess qualities, as the European  and American, not less than 100 thousand standing in a base complete set. And if in the Moscow region limiting compensation makes 115 thousand and allows to get a carriage of the best quality, in other regions it is 30-50 thousand. But I explain that disabled people have a right to demand that vehicle which is necessary for them. The person can refuse a carriage which does not suit it. And to ask another. In carriage regions often cannot receive. I try to explain: write refusal. And even if will not provide in the first or in the second time, in the third it is possible to write the letter to regional Social insurance fund. If it is necessary to carry out auction on a certain quantity of carriages which are necessary to active people, to athletes – that it is necessary to carry out auction and to take carriages what are necessary to them. The tripartite system which will satisfy all will turn out. The user will receive that is necessary for it, the Social Insurance Fund will carry out the duties, and the business party – to do the part. I think, it is a problem of inconsistency of actions.

Carriages for big tennis, basketball and races. For dances, ascensions on mountain tops, travel on top holes, to bogs. Dmitry Drobin recognises: such transport for the Russian consumer while in wonder. Also dreams of serious development of sports among kolyasochnik.

– On an open cup of Moscow on basketball there are the two participants going by our carriages. In May we plan the big project within the Vorobyovy Gory festival in Luzhniki for disabled people-kolyasochnikov. There will be an arrival on a hand bikes, the street Ball – basketball players will play on one ring – we will make such mini-tournament. And we want, that we had a team sports which would use only our carriages. And we would organise it technical support during carrying out large competitions.


– You prepare for any competitions?

– Sports are a separate part of my life. When I have started to work have understood that sedentary work should be alternated to movement. Also has started to get out to the sports hall to reap a bar, as dumbbells to work, simply to communicate to people. For me this hobby which brings also pleasure, and still I for it get small wages.

In spite of the fact that this hobby, I have won also the championship of Russia on  a kernel throwing, both the bronze prize-winner, and silver was. It would be possible to achieve, of course, and big results if to devote itself only to sports.

Once I have graduated from the institute physical culture and sport. I am a candidate for the master of sports on free-style wrestling. And to scientists did not become. So happened that has arrived in postgraduate study after institute, and in a year there was this failure. But after all work in life has given me more than sports and study. After all for itself, and for others it is necessary to rise in the mornings and to work. When the person sleeps till a dinner, and in a dream at it there passes a life half what it can have activity? It after all begins with the morning when you wake up, wash, put on.

The main success – both in work, and in sports is a mode. The organism functions normally when you live on a mode.

– What is the time now in your schedule occupy trainings?

– I swim in the pool every morning. And two-three trainings in day in the evening in the sports hall. While I here have no special conditions, that it was possible to work with a shell, with a disk. Certainly, I on training try to execute special preparatory exercises which simulate pushing. In the pool I simulate both pushing, and a throwing – there after all is resistance of water. And I think that having sat down on the machine special – the main thing that forces were also idea of equipment of pushing and a throwing.

On Paralympic games it would be desirable to go. But it is necessary to show result. There will be a result – there will be a trip. From us in the advance payment take nobody.