Former deputy of the Bundestag Ilya Zayfert: Europe will study at Russia

Former deputy of the Bundestag Ilya Zayfert: Europe will study at Russia

Ledges of the Alps not for me.
After all mountains block
To carriage.
Them all the same,
Though down you
Though upward. — And still
I was there.
it is constructed not for me.
In a carriage on channels
you will not pass.
And set of bridges
are step a barrier. — However
I was there.

I met
and that,
who was not so glad.
Yes, world
it is not created for me,
Not under me. — But
after all

Ilya Zayfert, on August 15, 1991
(Olga Ryodel’s transfer)

Slowly I go on the Bundestag corridor. Us see off in an office where Ilya Zayfert, the chairman of Federation of disabled people of Germany and the former deputy of the Bundestag of Germany sits. On such meetings always you go with enthusiasm. After all for people with limited possibilities there are no barriers.
The former deputy begins conversation with reading of the poem and tries to shine, perhaps, one of the most important subjects – integration of disabled people in modern society.
Former deputy of the Bundestag Ilya Zayfert: Europe will study at Russia

– To us there come your fellow citizens and say that in Germany paradise for people with limited possibilities, – there begins our conversation Ilya Zayfert. – Unfortunately, it not so. Sixty years ago we have started to build special constructions. Likely, then it was both it is correct, and it is progressive, because we have managed to leave very difficult and tragic life. And now, really, all conveniences to disabled people are created. However we have understood that further advance – is impossible. Creating specialised institutions for disabled people, we, thereby, create two worlds: the world of people with limited possibilities and the world of ordinary people. I have specially given as an example the poem to show that disabled people are not any special people, and same, as well as all: dreaming to develop and simply to be itself. Certainly, it is necessary to mention the known New York convention on which the majority of the countries now works. Its main point: people with limited possibilities have absolutely equal rights, as well as all. And it is important that the states which signed this convention, undertake to guarantee the rights of disabled people that they had the same possibilities, as well as all. In other words, not people with limited possibilities should be arranged under society, and society should put conditions on that people with limited possibilities felt equal in rights. It seems to you that in Western Europe all in a different way, however and for us this look too other.

Ilya Zayfert – the disabled person-kolyasochnik, and it has not prevented it to become the deputy of the Bundestag and actively to fight for the rights of people against limited possibilities. For it it is important, that in the world there was no division into disabled people and not disabled people. People are equal. First of all, this thought should be informed from mass media.

– And in Europe it is often possible to meet opinion that time I am a disabled person, I am the narrow person, I am defective and I can not make that others do. There is also a return situation: when it is difficult to disabled person to receive installation that it same, as well as all. However there are some possibilities for overcoming of difficulties to such people, as I. First, through convenience. And this that way on which Europe has gone. In Berlin all doors automatic, everywhere are ramps – everything is created for comfort. But there is also the second possibility, it is more difficult reached: when society accepts disabled people such with what they are. Such installation has also a practical application.
In the first case it was necessary for us to build separate constructions for disabled people. And it is possible to reconstruct everything so that everyone could use everything. The same concerns also education. It is simpler to construct separate school for disabled people. In Europe all and is arranged: disabled people have gone to special schools and the establishments, special schools and the enterprises. In that case about socialisation and speech cannot be. Other world has actually been created, the disabled person can from the very beginning of and till the end of the life to carry out in the closed establishments. And I wonder, and why in that case there are no specialised cemeteries. After all to all it is clear that it is absurd. And on my greatest belief, other specialised institutions also are not necessary. It is more correct to reconstruct all education system: from a day nursery to refresher courses that any person with limited possibilities was the full member of society and it could be improved in the abilities.
The third way – ignoring of people with limited possibilities. The person lives in itself, in isolation, and it do not touch. There is also the fourth way – euthanasia. Unfortunately, in the history such phenomenon took place to be. It is the Sword of Damocles which always hangs over us.

Surprisingly, but the mankind has not thought up an euphemism to the word "disabled person" (about lat. "powerless"). After all there was it in the First World War and designated soldiers who have lost an extremity and could not continue fight. However, in the modern world already everything has exchanged, and the new word has not appeared …

– What is the disability? It always a point of view of the one who it speaks. Then there is the following question, and what such the normal person? I declare, no, does not exist in the nature of the normal person. The word "norm" is only 170 years old, it has come to us together with industrial revolution. But after all a stamp nobody wants to be from us. Each of us – identity. If to take a detached view of people of a look of a fly, she thinks that all of us are disabled people because people are not able to fly. I go by a wheelchair, and it is natural to me. Blind people listen and read fingers, and for them it too is normal. The main thought which I want to inform: do not look at people with limited possibilities as on something special. Ask, not that they cannot, and that are able. In society it is necessary to change an image of the person with limited possibilities and not to give in to stereotypes. You will not believe, but twenty years ago I could not think that I can come into all means of transport, in shops, buildings. New constructions have appeared useful not only to disabled people, but also mothers with carriages, to people with suitcases, carts.

The New York convention on the rights of disabled people is valid from May 3, 2008. Today 132 states participate in it, and also the European Union countries. In one of points of the convention it is specified that it is necessary to change an image of the person with limited possibilities and to leave from stereotypes.

– The relation to people with limited possibilities is formed by means of mass media. It is a question about 10-15 % of all population of mankind. Though I understand that we live in capitalism under wolf laws, first of all, we should remain people. And only people can change the relation to this question. It is necessary also for disabled people to help not to be afraid of barriers. The European Union in this plan actively co-operates with CIS countries, with representatives of the different unions, and we exchange the knowledge and solutions of various problems. By the way, I watch closely preparation for Paralimpiada in Sochi. It is very interesting, as in Russia the infrastructure for people with limited possibilities will be constructed.
I not simply so have paid attention to CIS countries. On the human relations and qualities your mentality is closer to me, than European. For this reason I pin the hopes on you. And if business moves from a dead point, already.

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