Elena Serkulskaya: «I am the teacher whom carry on hands»

Elena Serkulskaya: «I am the teacher whom carry on hands»

Elena Serkulskaya: «I am the teacher whom carry on hands»Elena Serkulskoy’s life is generous on abrupt turns. In 18 years she did not think of the future out of big-time sports, a podium and the overflowed tribunes.

The trauma has compelled it to be locked within four walls for long ten years.

Surprisingly, however, not it. And that having left the voluntary imprisonment, Elena was not frightened to live anew.

Also everything of what dreamt, and even of what could not dream was in time. Has graduated from the university, became the world champion and Europe in sports dances on carriages, has married, has protected candidate, has started to teach in higher education institution, has created dancing theatre "Mandarin" known all over the country and the same popular public organisation «Special world» …

«It was running on the spot. And I was afraid to stop»

– 10 years I left for a flat threshold only together with parents to go on giving, – begins the story Elena. – And there too remained behind a fence. To us rural neighbours came, treated with house cottage cheese. I with pleasure communicated with them, but never left for a gate. Considered, in such condition should not leave anywhere. Also did not see sense to be restored at university, after all I never can work.

Elena does not call the condition a depression. It is rather, it was voluntary refusal of social experience. And its days have been filled with activity: exercises on the home exercise machines, all known and little-known types of needlework, floriculture …

– … Because it was necessary to stop in this movement – here then, really, the depression began.

Communications with old friends were during this time lost, new acquaintances in Minsk have not appeared.

«Left, because have invited to dance»Elena Serkulskaya: «I am the teacher whom carry on hands»

Acquaintances, knowing Lenin physical preparation, have suggested it to take dancing classes on carriages.

– The first time I have refused, but in a year to me have called again: can, after all you will try? It became interesting, I yet had no idea of such sport.

For everything that has occurred then, Elena is grateful to the first partner Wojciech Grabitskomu.

– He admired me, shared the confidence: «You surely will become a star!».

We had a good amicable team: dancers on carriages and healthy partners, generally students. We were happy that have gathered. Everything would be desirable to change, move heaven and earth upside down and to all to show, what we talented.

We conducted such active way of life that I quickly compensated ten carried-out houses of years.

How to hand over swimming, sitting in a carriage?

– To a trauma I studied at the Belarusian state university of physical culture (БГУФК) three incomplete years: to be restored on the fourth year, it was necessary to hand over ten examinations.

Almost all knowledge by this time has disappeared. It was very heavy. Well though, it was not necessary to repeat English, it for me was and remains the most difficult subject.

I liked examiners who have approached to me, as to absolutely normal person. Even from test on swimming have not released: I received pedagogical speciality, so, should seize a training technique to swimming. Have dragged me in a carriage on a pool side, have provided "pupils". I showed bringing exercises. As all life to a trauma has carried out in the pool, it was possible to me.

To me such approach very much to liking. Here when for gymnastics have put "four" the machine gun, was upset.

To gymnastics Elena has still returned: on the fifth year it has become clear that for the diploma with honours at it two superfluous four, and my interlocutor has safely repeated gymnastics and pedagogics.

– With disability it is not difficult to person to enter the university, – Elena shares conclusions. – But if you have arrived, it is necessary to remember that for you there are others. They should not hear humiliating «to these disabled people put estimates from philanthrophy».

Whether and there were barriers?

The diploma with honours has opened the road to postgraduate study. Generally Elena did not plan to go on a teaching path. But it was the destiny: in postgraduate study there was just a new specialisation – adaptive physical culture. And in research work the new direction – Paralympic sports.

– The rector, having learnt about my intention to remain, has warned: «We have no bezbaryerny environment». I speak:

– In that case it is necessary to create it.

I think, about lack of the bezbaryerny environment it is equally convenient to cover with arguments, on the one hand, own noncompetitiveness, with another – the prejudiced relation to the person in a carriage.

Elena Serkulskaya: «I am the teacher whom carry on hands»

In oral conversation someone from future colleagues has stated to Elena fear soaring in air: same all higher education institution will work for your rehabilitation! Offensive words have sunk down: never for years of work Elena has dared to leave on the hospital. Once has broken a leg, and directly from the traumatologist has gone to university. Laughed the matter off: a pier, what to me a difference, all the same in a carriage.

– I not the unique teacher on chair with limited mobility, a row work the known athlete, public figure Boris Bachkovsky. Us appreciate.

With the bezbaryerny environment it is now much better, than 10 years ago. Besides at university of physical culture there are a lot of the brawny students, ready to help the teacher in a carriage to rise by any step.

Star millennium or Why I remained

2000 became the richest on victories and events for Elena: it not only has arrived in postgraduate study, but also together with the husband Vladimir Zyablov has won the World Cup in dances on carriages.

– Dances by much of us have given the chance to find love, and it is very important. I was made the life long miserable by installation that cannot at the girl with disability be reciprocity with the ordinary person. It has appeared, all at all so.

Pair has enclosed a lot of things in the victory in the World Cup. First it seemed, to win they had no chances: to Elena dancers with such level of a trauma did not show worthy results.

– My physical possibilities are very limited, and we wanted to put the Latin American dances in which the case, hands, shoulders works … The trainer was not, help council could nobody. It was necessary to get out, think out new ways of interaction. It was necessary not only change a carriage, but also, having reconsidered many performances of healthy people and dancers with disability, to change equipment and to develop own technique of trainings.

After that victory about Elena and Vladimir spoke as about pair which has made revolution in dances.

And all next years they did not lose: the technique steadily brought success.

Elena Serkulskaya: «I am the teacher whom carry on hands»

Work has begun with dances with heavy children

– Soon I have gathered group of children, – Elena tells. – Planned to write the dissertation about initial preparation of athletes in dances on carriages. But children for the dissertation was a little, has taken adults. And children wanted to dance. We with them constantly gathered, communicated, trained, and we had a collective. When I have seen that healthy partners for heavy children are not present, there was an idea to deduce on a scene of mothers.

So the dancing theatre studio "Mandarin" known all over the country was born nowadays. Elena and Vladimir went on schools and kindergartens, invited to itself dancers. Vladimir trained mothers, Elena – children, on a scene their incorporated work looked uniform composition.

– Then the husband has gone on earnings to South Korea, I had to train participants with disability and without that. It is heavy. My partner in dances Dmitry Shaplyko helped.

Together with Dmitry Shaplyko Elena not only has won the World Cup and Europe, but also has created public association «Special world».

– Dmitry last year came on general meeting of «The special world» from America. In Belarus dancers and simply active people, often do not find possibilities of creative realisation. Many leave, as Vladimir and Dmitry. Though not all is lucky to find itself in another’s country.

In the sidereal year Elena too has received the offer to work in Holland. Has refused. Speaks, it liked to learn another’s country. But it could not present herself far from Belarus.

– For me the words "homeland" "home", «national pride» are very important. I am glad that I can pass on here the experience and lead. It is pleasant to me more, than to be the highly paid Dutch trainer.

The family duet «Serkulsky – Zyablov» has broken up: it is impossible after all to feel together, living in the different countries.

The relation to children with disability is defined by adults

One of participants of "Tangerine", Christina Sulzhitskaya, nowadays dances with healthy children in one of the best dancing collectives of Belarus – the show ballet "Enchanting spectacle". Its physical features have not prevented it to enter as equals into collective and to find in it new friends.

– It already skill of the choreographer – to put dance so that the person with disability could be entered in the general pattern, – Elena argues. – At school too all in hands of the teacher, the parent and administration.

It seems to me, parents of special children should defend their rights in a soft form. And if the soft form does not help – to do it in rigid, and always to go all the way, remembering not only the child, but also about those who will come afterwards. Because if once the child in a carriage have not taken on excursion, and parents have swallowed it, and next time the child in something will restrain.

If parents each time, having faced non-compliance with the rights of the child, follow explanations to the teacher and the director, such will not occur.

Very difficult moment – setting of the friendly relations. If the child with special needs at school with mother, these adult communications are cut off all the time. Any other accompanying is not such taboo for friendship, as the parent. And the child in the school environment should learn to build the relations with contemporaries. Because sooner or later he becomes adult and independent.

Sports for health, instead of health on an altar

At a recent medical exhibition in Minsk four adaptive sports have been presented: dances on carriages, fencing, новус and tennis. Is where to go, only all this keeps on enthusiasm.

– The state system of preparation of paralimpiyets, like preparation of healthy athletes, is not present – members of the national team and world champions and Europe are supported only. And from where these champions will appear, if there is no state interest to child youthful, mass sports? Correctly: from traumatised healthy athletes. Because for the healthy – child youthful sports schools, schools of the Olympic reserve, school of the highest sports skill, physical culture and sport university. And for disabled people the unique possibility to go in for sports – public associations.

– Interest to Paralympic sports as to sports of the highest achievements dies away, – Elena ascertains. – Ten years ago sports for many were the unique possibility to communicate, go abroad, to earn. Now people with disability are engaged in business, establish families, study. Well and thank God that nobody should tear the health, it is possible to go in for sports for the sake of the physical form and communication. I is made has changed the view of sports of high achievements: these victims are necessary to nobody.

Belief that sports are necessary for health, instead of health for sports, have caused that fact that «The special world» develops all four look инваспорта at once. It in many respects thanks to Elena and her adherents in Minsk the tennis school for kolyasochnik has opened and has passed the first republican tournament on новусу.

«At first us have counted. Then with us began to be considered …»

– Mastering a new kind of activity, I feel the locomotive which conducts the others, – the interlocutor speaks. – But after me people who will put new business on financial rails should come.

At «The special world» there are a lot of partners. One of the most reliable – a rehabilitation and sports complex "Egalita". It, besides other, group of healthy people which support teams, including financially.

Initiative of «The special world» – cooperation with the territorial centres of social service of the population (ТЦСОН). These are the state structures the majority from which has the minimum experience with people in carriages.

– Studying problems of activity ТЦСОН, we have found only one avaricious mention about kolyasochnik: "account", – Elena tells. – If the centres of day stay were already open for young people with mental features, us only recalculated.

– Kolyasochnikam at us it is not interesting, – the staff of the centres explained.

I have understood that it is necessary to go to them with the initiatives: circles and sections, a leader course for teenagers, idea of a forum of children’s initiatives and inclusive theatre which puts musicals with participation of children in carriages. We have after all one task that people with disability had an occasion to leave four walls.

Mother sometimes speaks to me: the daughter, at you suffices work, why you should pull out someone somewhere? It is the correct question because sometimes I come home absolutely flat-out. I answer it so: mother, I do not want, that others repeated my mistakes. It is not necessary to spend young years for that nothing to know, not to be able and not to do. Life in a carriage same fine, as well as without it.

«I laugh, when say that my business – to be at home»

Sometimes I hear from doctors in the policlinic: «Are at home, we to you will come!»

I the patient do not consider myself, therefore I go to policlinic, I stand in turns. Often it is necessary to face misunderstanding, persuasive tactless care. Many for some reason consider a duty to approach to the disabled person and to give advice. Or to take an interest: and what with you happened? Why you in a carriage?

I do not stick to each passer with a question where he has earned the ulcer, or how is its diabetes. And the disabled person should be ready to prove every day that it not «is chained to a carriage» that it not by "patient", not «deprived of destiny», and simply person who moves distinct from the majority in the way.

Familiar children have told, how on filling have asked the attendant to help to fill a tank. That, having learnt that deals with disabled people, has for some reason passed to a sign language and simple teams:

– Approach, the third (on fingers shows that the third) filling.

Children have thanked for care, but have noted that with hearing and intelligence at them everything is all right.

«Why I envy Stephen Hokingu a little»

– When I was younger, we lived in poverty, I dreamt of things. It seemed – if here I have it, it will appear at happiness top, and more than anything in life it will not want.

And then got desirable, and understood that happiness – it in other. Not in material, and in a saturation of your life events.

Now I earn enough, and I spend money for the projects. My life is eventful, trips, meetings with friends, the communication, new activity. If I earned not much, and it is a lot of, I would afford the individual assistant, as Stephen Hoking. Now this role is carried out by my family.

So it has turned out that I have realised myself in those forms of which did not think at all. In volume and paradox that you do not know, how many roles you should play lives and with what they will be. The main thing – not to be afraid to learn new and always to be ready much to work.

In youth I connected the future only with sports, and became the teacher, then the public figure. And any other kind of activity did not bring me such satisfaction. For me people with disability — as the layer overflowed with jewels. And I can see their advantages and talents and to help them to develop.