Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all

Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all

On December 15, 2013 Sincere Bazar will open in Sokolniki in pavilion No. 4 at 11 o’clock in the morning. The most large-scale pre-New Year’s fair of 100 % the charitable: money for each bought souvenir or a pie will go to fund of one of 68 charitable participating organisations. On the threshold of fair some funds, engaged the help to people with limited possibilities, have told us about with what will please visitors of sokolnichesky fair.

Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all«Fragile children». Knitted snowflakes and exclusive T-shirts with drawing

The public organisation «Fragile children» helps children sick imperfect osteogenezy (one of group of genetic diseases at the heart of which violation of formation of a bone fabric), and to their families lies.

On fair they will bring hand-made articles and the souvenirs made by children, their parents and friends. It will be possible to buy festive wreaths from the stand of the organisation for an ornament the houses sewed and knitted toys, knitted hooks and spokes of a snowflake and hand bells, nice plywood lodges for tea bags, Christmas tree decorations and exclusive knitted T-shirts with prints which are made on drawings of children (the organisation from time to time holds competitions of children’s drawings). Such T-shirts it will not be exact at anybody!

«To children about children». Vases, cookies, gingerbreads and dried fruits

The charity foundation «To children about Children» is engaged in programs of integration of children with disability in active social life. At fund there are a lot of friends and assistants. Specially for fair they have baked the most tasty cookies, unusual gingerbreads and have prepared dried fruits, and for those who wants to create in the house or on work festive or simply cosy situation, have prepared Christmas tree decorations, original bagatelles for the house and flowers with which it is possible to issue and decorate the most various interiors.

«Childhood river». Dolls and a photo with moustaches

Charity foundation «Childhood river» helps orphan children and children with limited possibilities to get additional professional education, assists in the realised choice of a course of life.Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all

Creative wards of fund, assistants and volunteers have prepared for pre-New Year’s fairs the widest range of the goods: tilde dolls, painted wooden horses, figures from felt. The considerable part of the goods was made by children of orphanages with which volunteers gave classes and master classes.

For guests «The childhood river» has prepared a surprise «Itself Sousse»: possibility сфотографиоваться with moustaches on a stick. The amusing simple idea steadily enjoys wide popularity on holidays therefore and on the Sincere market it too have decided to bring.

Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all«The world for all». 10 sq.m Winter’s Tale

The public organisation «For all» unites the world and trains children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and other serious illness. The purpose – sociolabor adaptation of wards, various occupations with children and their parents.

At fair in Sokolniki «The world for all» will organise the whole exposition «The white city» which as participants speak, would be more correct to call «The white wood». On the provided organisation the platform can get to the real winter forest in which works of wards of fund and their parents, and also friends and volunteers will be exposed. The queen winter on an ice throne will hospitably welcome the guests and will decorate wishing nice fantastic the akvagrimy.

It will be possible to take part in master classes on an ornament of New Year’s dry biscuits, manufacturing of New Year’s gifts and a list of amusing ceramic horses.

The white wood will be in one and distant parts of pavilion and that visitors of fair have not passed it, children-snegovichki will meet them in pavilion and to see off in the Winter’s Tale.

«Ocean of sounds». Pillow: to sew or connect? Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all

«The ocean of sounds» — association of the Tver parents of children with a hearing disorder after operation of cochlear implantation (that is implantations of an implant which allows partially or to compensate completely hearing loss). Being engaged with children and helping them to adapt with life, parents manage not to forget about creativity, and some – to be engaged in it together with children.

It will be possible to buy from the stand «Ocean of sounds» sewed or even knitted pillows, Christmas tree decorations and nice small fir-trees, festive cards, and also to try New Year’s cookies and to get to somebody as a gift figures from the puff text which are done by one of talented wards of fund.

Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all"Dobroserdiye". Knitted toys and three master classes

The Dobroserdiye charity foundation helps mainly to children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. It is difficult to ward of fund to do hand-made articles, but their parents, and also employees and friends of fund are engaged in creativity.

On fair they will bring knitted toys and Christmas-tree decorations, and still will organise three master classes. Wishing can learn to do beautiful bracelets of beads and beads, nosochka from felt and valyany toys for all tastes.

Centre of medical pedagogics. Opening internal talentSincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all

The centre of medical pedagogics, created in 1989, helps children with intellectual, emotional and strong-willed, speech and impellent violations and difficulties with communication. Diagnoses not the lungs, but as it is told on TsLP site, «in the Center work first of all with the child, instead of with the diagnosis». The Center purpose – to help the child to realise most internal potential, and one of ways to it is creativity.

Wards of the centre under the direction of teachers and professional artists do the most various souvenirs, and will bring the hand-made articles, and also calendars, books and cards which were made by true artists on fair.
Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all"Spiritualising". Day without dances

Independent non-profit organisation «The centre of sociocultural animation "Spiritualizing" has been created in 2002 for support of people with limited possibilities of health. The centre will organise regular rehabilitation occupations for young disabled people and disabled children: dances, theatre, vocal, literary creativity and fine arts. One of the most known activities of the centre – dances.

They are so popular that on December 15 participants of "Spiritualizing" are involved at once in two actions and to bring the numbers to Sokolniki simply are not in time. But will establish there the stand and will help at fair as volunteers. So all will have a possibility to get acquainted with these surprising talented creative people. And, of course, to catch their energy and inspiration.

«Dogs assistants of disabled people». Ginger Labradors and four-footed guest

The educational and film logic centre «Dog assistants of disabled people» helps 10 years with social rehabilitation to people with limited possibilities: prepares seeing eye dogs, teaches blind people to skills of spatial orientation, and still develops the kanisterapiya direction «Solar dog» when dogs therapists are engaged with kids and help them to adapt.

The centre – completely charitable organisation and a considerable part of work is carried out by volunteers.

Probably, it is the unique participant of fair who will bring gifts not only for people, but also for animals: it will be possible to buy a delicacy and sugar candies from the stand for dogs in gift packings, and also multi-coloured bandanas for any breed of dog from a Yorkshire terrier to the Labrador.

Labradors – main "staff" of the centre therefore volunteers will offer guests ginger cookies in the form of Labradors and charms in the form of these remarkable dogs. One of employees will give a master class on manufacturing of gelevy candles. And still all wishing can communicate and be photographed from one of dogs who has now training preparation and in the future becomes the professional guide. Perhaps, at fair for it future friend and the ward also will be found?


What other participants Sincere will bring on fair? azar’а, you can see if on December 15 will come to pavilion No. 4 in Sokolniki. An entrance free, participation the voluntary, New Year’s mood, the pleasure, unusual acquaintances and original holiday purchases are guaranteed.

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