To whom Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary? Opinion of paralimpiyets

To whom Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary? Opinion of paralimpiyets

On a question: «Why the Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary to us?» – everything who only could have answered, apparently. Sellers of a radish in the Sochi markets, креаклы on Snob.Ra, Xenia Sobchak, Julius Latynina, Sergey Dorenko, Stephen Fr, gay activists, human rights activists, ecologists, priests.

Opponents have declared that the Olympic Games are not necessary, because there is nothing to be proud: in the country the poverty, sick children, bad roads, municipal problems, still disconnect water in the summer, the Far East heats, and in the Caucasus war. Supporters said that it will do good to the city, will involve tourists to Russia, will increase investments.

Only athletes, seemingly, have forgotten to ask. For all the time that Russia prepares the Olympic Games in Sochi, to the Internet has not got any public discussion with their participation. We discuss a political event, the investment project, a PR course of president Putin, our majestic muscles – everything, everything, only not sports meets.

But after all the Olympic Games – not a beer festival. First of all this vital action for athletes. And only in the second turn – bread, the shows, unusual option of holiday and an occasion to be proud of the country.

We have asked opinion of paralimpiyets and their trainers. After all athletes with disability is a criterion. They in detail know everything both about sports, and about conditions for trainings, and about social policy.

We asked about the sore: what do they think of expenditure of huge funds for the Olympic Games at universal shortage of money on инваспорт. We specially did not ask Muscovites and Petersburgers – because of a difference of conditions for trainings. And to phone it has turned out generally to "summer" athletes: participants of winter Games now just on collecting.

And so, the logic of athletes essentially differs from logic of all of the others. We have not found any person who would tell: «In vain so much money spent, would give to our sport base» better. For them in general there is no choice «either Games, or sport bases». Games – a condition of creation of sport bases, popularity of sports, involvement of children. Games for them, by and large, also are sports development. For all whom we asked, it is obvious, as sunrise in the mornings. Thus almost all recognise that in their regions with financing of sports there are problems.

Amir Gumerov, the deserved trainer of Russia, the senior trainer of Paralympic Russian national team on skiing and biathlon (Ufa):

To whom Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary? Opinion of paralimpiyets

Amir Gumerov

– Conversations that Games are not necessary and that it is necessary to direct this money on regional sports – same totally ludicrous. Then it is necessary to close and leave all sports only improvement. And who will prepare, who will defend honour of the country? Here, let us assume, our national team spends 5 million rubles. Let’s divide this money for 70 regions is that, someone will rescue? The best incentive for children to go to be engaged is the Olympic Games and Paralimpiada.

Regions need to be developed, but this is quite a different matter. At us in Bashkiria one of the best conditions for occupations by Paralympic sports: fencing, skiing, biathlon are well developed. Thus we almost do not use federal money – we find on places. Through public organisations and so on.

Darya Stukalova, the quadruple prize-winner of Paralympic games on swimming (Voronezh):

To whom Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary? Opinion of paralimpiyets

Darya Stukalova

– The Olympic Games – a grandiose event, it small children who want to be similar to champions look also. Games is a holiday which unites people, these are objects which after Games remain in the country.

In Voronezh catastrophically there is no state pool. In the city there are three pools which children’s sports schools use. And all schools pay huge rent – ours, for example, gives 26 million rubles a year. And since 2014 of sport school will pass to local financing and cannot pay this rent at all.

But know, if there were no Olympic Games, I do not think that sharply in the country objects would began to be under construction and sports would start to develop. On the contrary, the Olympic Games are such push to development, even break. What will be if to cancel the Olympic Games and to distribute this money to regions? Well will construct in Voronezh one pool. I do not think that it so strongly motivates at once children to be engaged in our sport. It is more important than game, especially Paralympic. After all people often refuse the children who were born patients. And at Paralympic competitions they can see that the child is capable to find itself in sports and will not be at home simply helplessly.

Svetlana Borisovskaya, the deserved trainer of Russia, the personal trainer of Paralympic champions on Konstantin Lisenkov and Denis Tarasova’s swimming (Saratov):

– The Olympic Games are necessary to us. The country holding the Olympic Games, receives fine sports constructions. Take experience of Kazan. The more we such actions will see off, the more at us will be bases for preparation of our champions.

It is now very difficult to us to involve to pools of chairbound athletes because constructions for them are not adapted. And transport is not present. In the winter unequivocally to reach pools not difficult, and it is impossible. Only the individual transport rescues.

But in general I can tell one: who wants – that will train in any conditions, it sets a goal. It at conscious age. And before – God grant patience to our parents.

But I do not see a contradiction between mullions-strong expenditure for the Olympic Games and problems with financing at us. For development it is necessary to hold such competitions. Otherwise we will be aloof.

Oksana Savchenko, Paralympic champion in swimming:

To whom Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary? Opinion of paralimpiyets

Oksana Savchenko

– In regions objects are under construction, money for it is allocated, and is under construction much better, than in previous years. Simply people, uninitiated in sports, do not penetrate into it, we will tell so. I do not argue, in regions a difficult situation with financing in principle, and now money is put in more necessary objects: medical for example.

But for me it is not a pity that in the Olympic Games put millions whereas in regions there are financial problems. It would be offensive for me, if we had no Olympic Games and there would be an absolute indifference to sports as it was earlier. Perhaps, now people though somehow will reflect on sports activities. We have people in this plan the illiterate. To me, for example, approach and ask: «You will participate in Sochi?» Carrying out the Olympic Games, maybe, though somehow will correct this situation.

I go much on schools. Children try, prepare different presentations on a subject «That the Olympic Games give us». Many have started to go in for sports. These are big pluses. Minuses can be found absolutely in everything.

Gocha Hugayev, the Paralympic champion on broad jumps (Vladikavkaz):

To whom Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary? Opinion of paralimpiyets

Gocha Hugayev

– First, Games is a prestige for the country. After all not for nothing so many countries compete for the right of their carrying out. Secondly, this set of sports objects which will serve our country and our athletes, in particular the same people with disability for which all conditions are created! And any person can start to be engaged in winter sports. Interest of fans which can see personally favourite sports and favourite athletes at the most prestigious competitions is important also.

In North Ossetia we do not have enough conditions for training. For example, we train in an arena, and the racetrack is not present. Promise to construct. But the Olympic Games are now more important.

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