The lawyer with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Vyacheslav Egorov: I have meaningly chosen a public profession

The lawyer with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Vyacheslav Egorov: I have meaningly chosen a public profession

From the author: Vyacheslav Egorov – the young and quite demanded lawyer. Weekly to it more than one hundred people addresses for consultation. It co-operates with several firms and even leaves in court to represent interests of the clients. A payment for the services essentially takes the moderate. After all it has come to this profession to help people. One "but": from outside it seems that the help is necessary to Vyacheslav: the young man has a cerebral spastic infantile paralysis heavy form – hands, muffled speech do not work … But from first lines of our Internet correspondence (in such form passed communication) it becomes clear: Vyacheslav very sensible and reliable person, and that tell about his achievements – a naked truth. To take at least that fact that our hero is ideally competent. The only thing about what it is hard to speak with Vyacheslav is about his difficulties. Simply he the real man, and about that pain and work which stands up for it successes, prefers to be silent.

The lawyer with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Vyacheslav Egorov: I have meaningly chosen a public profession

Vyacheslav Egorov

– Vyacheslav, whether is a lot of at you clients? In what form you co-operate more often? On what questions and who to you addresses more often?

– Yes, I am the lawyer by training, I work both in the organisations, and with private clients. About work in the organisations I will not speak, and as to private practice, I work, generally in the online mode, I advise addressing people, I help with drawing up of statements, selection of laws if it is necessary, on behalf of clients I address in local governments, in regional bodies, sometimes even in the federal. More often to me address with questions of the rights of children, their protection, large families, disabled people and families, them having address.

The lawyer with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Vyacheslav Egorov: I have meaningly chosen a public profession

– I know that you run business in court. Whether was the won affairs and what was remembered most of all much?

– In vessels I really worked several times. Four processes of six have successfully come to the end. My first business was most of all remembered, when (Moscow region) was necessary to go in Ramensky there to represent the client in court. Just that business also has come to the end successfully.

– Excuse for such question – but how you "technically" acted in court? After all with oral speech of complexity at you …

– With speech yes, difficulties. Help or the client who has already got used to my speech in time preparation for process, or someone from accompanying me. But, despite complexity, judges often understand my speech. Even there was a moment when the judge has asked my accompanying to leave from a meeting hall with words «We perfectly understand Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich, "translator" is not necessary, if that, we will ask again». And all.

– And approximately how many clients in a week to you address?

– Well, if to speak about addresses in the Online mode, within a week to me 100-200 people address. With private clients in "Real" now туговато. But happen.

– Probably, with such number of clients you in a condition of and the potential family quite adequately to provide?

– I need to smile only in reply to this question. Perhaps and in a condition. While somehow did not consider means for the family budget.

The lawyer with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Vyacheslav Egorov: I have meaningly chosen a public profession

– With what you began the career? How looked for clients? How people reacted to features of your health, whether there was a negative and prejudices? How you overcame them? 

– After the termination of institute has started to look for work. Certainly, not at once, but clients thanks to recommendations of friends, acquaintances have gradually started to appear. A negative was not, as I am always ready to difficulties and I am difficult for "breaking". I have simply chosen a "public" profession and set a goal nobody to hesitate and of nothing to be afraid. The girl from whom I went in Ramensky was the first client just also.

– Why you in general have chosen this field of activity, why this higher education institution (Academy of Management ТИСБИ)?

– To me often ask this question. I will begin with that in the childhood, as well as the majority of boys, dreamt to become the militiaman. Having matured, has understood that the illness will not allow to be carried out to my dream, and has started to prepare itself for a profession close to the militian. Has started to study laws, codes, read various books on law. And, as I spoke in one of interview, in the late nineties the population needed a legal aid, and lawyers overestimated the quotations much more. And now it proceeds, and not all presume to address for the help to the lawyer. At me the rule – my quotations much lower, than at others operates.

Why ТИСБИ? At the moment of my receipt there it there was the unique HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION in Russia, training disabled people according to the full program.

The lawyer with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Vyacheslav Egorov: I have meaningly chosen a public profession

– Tell a little about the study what difficulties on a way to knowledge were?

Difficulties especially was not. Secondary education has received at home. Teachers went on the house. But training passed according to the full program, and no discounts existed all 11 classes. At institute to me by mail sent parcels with training materials, I learnt, and then on the Internet in the online mode handed over tests, examinations. State examinations handed over and the diploma protected by means of the teleconference organised by arrived to me from Kazan by staff of institute.

– You make impression of very strong and self-assured person. Who has installed in you this confidence? Family? Or it is your own character?

– The confidence was installed by a family. Both mother, and the father were very clever people. Mother taught me to life and was engaged in my treatment, the father actually imparted to me love to history of Russia, to sports, to policy … Well and certainly, own aspiration to be though a little same as everything, too has yielded result. Also I want to tell thanks to the sister Oksana and her family for their help at a difficult moment.

– Where you now live?

– Since 2009 I live in Pervomaisk the house boarding school for aged and disabled people in Shchekino of Tula region.

– But after all it you lived at home? You have made the decision to get over in a boarding school or so there were circumstances?

– So there were family circumstances. Yes, I lived at home. Mother who has spent all forces and all the health for attempts to cure me, now unable to look after me, the father has died, and the sister took me to itself, but I have not wanted to disturb it and her family and itself has personally made the decision to leave in a boarding school. About what at all I am not sorry. There are more than possibilities for self-realisation, for trips, for work. I on the ground floor, and houses and at the sister of veins on the third and fourth floors respectively.

– What your usual daily routine?

– I rise, I drink coffee, I read on the news Internet (on the TV I do not look them), and for work. I check mail if there are addresses of citizens, I answer. If is not present, I am engaged in affairs of the organisations in which I work. Then a dinner, small walk (in the summer on the street, in the winter in a building), and again for work. Mail is included constantly therefore I see addresses of citizens always. When they come, I come off "tekuchka" and I answer. Often address even late at night and at night. Therefore, it is possible to tell, 18-20 hours per day work.

The lawyer with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Vyacheslav Egorov: I have meaningly chosen a public profession

– You have created a political site. What its task? And what your political position?

– To create the site I dreamt long ago. Earlier I had a site on Yandex, but it was малофункционален and is unpopular. That should be expected from a free hosting. In 2012 I have created an operating site At me the views of the events in the country. Still I have started to write small articles, sketches to youth. But it did not go anywhere. Now I understand that Russia needs changes, in something new. But that System which at a country wheel 13 years (nearly 14), it does not give anything new. On the contrary, to live there is everything more difficult and more difficultly. Yes, a lot of things is told both the President, and the Government. But it is all words. The verses, the articles, stories I try to inform to people a true situation in Russia as policy I understand quite well.

My political position – Russia needs to return a monarchy as the form of government. Neither the communism, nor democracy, liberalism will not deduce Russia on that high level on all indicators in the world on which it was till 1914, to the introduction in the First World War. Only monarchy, only autocracy.

– But after all in the modern world there are no developed states with that form of a monarchy which was in pre-revolutionary Russia.

– Know if seriously to prosecute this subjects if serious people to whom it is interesting also which approach to business grieve also heart about the Homeland, it is possible to restore even that form of a monarchy. Let’s take for a country example with the monarchic form of government (constitutional it is a monarchy or what another – is not so important). And so, if we compare some data, we will see that the situation in these countries is much stabler, than in the democratic states. It concerns both economy, and in these countries it is less than social sphere, and crimes, than in others. The main thing – the reasonable, carefully thought over approach to government.

– In interview on a site «» A year ago you told Orthodoxy and the world about the belief. Whether your relations good luck have changed since then? Whether you visit Church?

– No, has changed nothing. God always with me in soul, I with pleasure go to church, I say house prayers, in a corner at me an iconostasis. God always with me.

– Whether you continue to write verses? If yes, can be, share something from the last?

– I write verses not so often as earlier, but I try to write. The last verses generally on political subject. Though … One nevertheless is not the political. «When in my soul of rest is not present»

When in my soul of rest is not present,

I want to enter into the God’s temple quietly.

I will always find, I know, there the answer

On all the questions. And not only.

I will come, at icons I will stop,

I will cross, I will deliver to steam of candles,

Before image Supreme I will beg:

«Rescue and keep me you, Otche!

Have gone, the Lord, health to me, I ask,

Also help me at a difficult moment.

Yes, I recognise that often I sin,

But to live, as it is necessary, there are neither forces, nor to spirit.

And for the country, for the Homeland,

For the people which vanishes,

I, My God, heart all ask you!

Let Russia Sacred again prospers!»

So having staid both half an hour, and hour

Before the Christ, having quietly prayed,

I leave the temple, being shone!

I leave, as though again having been born!

And again in my soul rest and light,

Again I want to smile to people!

More perfectly the God’s temple after all is not present!

Always I will be taken forces here!

– Of what you dream, what big purpose would like to reach in life?

– Good question. Dream of all my life – that have earned hands. I try to do for this purpose though something … But, as practice shows, it is almost impossible. There is also one more dream is darling and the loving woman. Family, in a word. This dream is more realizable, as it seems to me.