Tatyana Ric: «The normal person should not live in a leprozoriya»

Tatyana Ric: «The normal person should not live in a leprozoriya»

Tatyana Ric can everything, and at once: to conduct lessons and to create cheerful bright books on serious subjects; to be the student and to prepare for protection of the dissertation; alone to bring up the son and to travel, go for a drive on an ATV, to fly on a parachute, to dive …

Tatyana Ric: «The normal person should not live in a leprozoriya»

Tatyana Ric on a parachute

It seems strange that the person living so sanguineously, in medical documents is called the disabled person.

One more person with disability – the author of the book about itself Nikita Shchiruk became a reason for our conversation. In comments to its text on Not disabled person. Ру someone has reproached the young man with autism with narcissism, and Tatyana Ric has stood up for the pupil. The known writer teaches ten years Russian and literature in the centre of remote education for disabled people of «Technology of training».

About children with autism which are able to dig in another’s head

– Tatyana how you, being at distance, have found an approach to Nikita whom because of behavioural features have not taken neither in a garden, nor in school?

– We at school of distance learning do not choose the child: there is a pupil, it it is necessary to learn, look for an approach. It, validly, heavy, I after all philologist, instead of дефектолог. It became now slightly simpler: me have transferred to additional education, I conduct Russian as an open classroom. I became more free in a subject choice for a lesson or consultation.

Nikita Shchiruk has got to me in the 10th class. Everything began difficult. Mother has warned that it has autism, but I knew nothing about it. Have started to work, everything is good, the boy makes impression of absolutely normal, thinking person. I explain something to him … and at the following lesson it is found out that the child – a blank sheet, and it is possible to make a fresh start.

Tatyana Ric: «The normal person should not live in a leprozoriya»

Tatyana after immersion in the high sea

There are lazy children, is not capable to acquire, but Nikita – neither that and nor another. With it you communicate, communicate, as with the ordinary child, suddenly in any place – a failure. As if went on an equal sandy bottom – and suddenly an underwater hole. Nikita reads, well argues, exactly and capaciously formulates the thoughts. Itself formulates – as in the dictionary or the encyclopaedia! And you will ask to retell a plain text – who has come, where has come? – cannot answer. The teacher in such situation has balls for rollers: same elementary things!

This feature strained me terribly: «at night and in the afternoon — only about it …», the head went around.

Nikita speaks to me: «I do not understand, why I can not answer, I very much try». I have heard it. Also has gradually started to realise: something in his perception not so, otherwise. But what exactly not so – I can not still understand.

The next academic year Nikita had other teacher. I even was glad: was tired of that my thoughts are infinitely turned to it. But once me have put on replacement – and, having met, both of us laughed for pleasure. It has appeared, any quite human, warm contact between us was.

Nikita has graduated from school, since then I see it only in networks. He has written that I am similar to a cat. And it is for some reason pleasant to me. Congratulates me on all holidays: he competently writes, at it good memory on signs and numbers. Remembers all dates, birthdays.

I remember, when I with it worked, somehow at night I wake up – yes, at night I wake up with thoughts on Nikita! – I remember that has not warned him about something, I rise, I turn on the light, I write to it. For the next day I ask, whether he has received the letter. He answers: «What you have sent in 4.46 mornings, has received». We with you do not pay attention, when the letter has been sent. And for it it is important.

Autists are in the habit to settle in the head of the person with which they communicate. One teacher, the remarkable teacher has shared with me feeling: the child with autism as if digs in your brains even if you not nearby and do not think of it. And it happens very much heavily.

At me in communication with Nikita was such: at some instant I awfully was sorry about one parting in the youth: it seemed to me, arrive I then differently – all life would go in a different way. Just this day I receive the letter from Nikita: a pier, I congratulate you, Tatyana Gennadiyevna, on the termination of academic year. And below – Andrey Dementyev’s poem «Never about anything be not sorry» … There was a feeling that Nikita reads my mind. And after all we did not communicate two years!

Probably, this communication channel established between us does not disappear over time anywhere.

About the reasons of burning out of teachers and parents without brakes

– You all pupils how Nikita, get into the head? It I to that any head of such emotional loading long will not sustain …

– It is necessary to take, how differently? My pupils very different. Is presented, but it is not enough of them. Some do not speak, lag behind in development, others are quite capable to consult with the school program at certain efforts of the teacher. There is, for example, a good, creative boy with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. I very much love it, we with it work long ago, but it awfully sluggish. More truly if with it to work creatively, and it is interesting to it, all sluggishness somewhere disappears. But if it is boring for it – brakes terribly.

There was a 23-year-old young man with very heavy disability. When I tried to assort with it program works on literature, he in general understood nothing. Has offered nurseries: you do not understand «A garnet bracelet» Kuprin – read "Elephant". "Elephant" was pleasant to it.

There was a girl with autism which disagreed on contact: each time when I called on Skype, it was disconnected. There are some children with difficult parents. Now at us the Azerbaijanian boy distantly studies. Usual, that is not too diligent, sluggish, lazy teenager. But his father rushes into Skype during each lesson. In Russian he speaks badly, and with cases not in frets, but steadily teaches me as it is necessary to teach Russian to his child. Shouts that we, teachers – the rotten goods, everything have bought false diplomas and have grown up to it the bad son.

It is heavy to give all the best at lessons, knowing that the child is not capable to take this knowledge. It is heavy to call every week to the pupil, expecting that his father will scoff at you. And the school does not intercede in any way for teachers in that case. It is offensive, certainly.

Honest to tell, I was tired of such moments. I have burnt out emotionally. I would like to be realised creatively and in other spheres. Therefore I have gone to study as the TV presenter.

I yet do not leave school, only have reduced loading.

Books — too it is necessary to be engaged in them. However, they do not bring the big income: generally the creative pleasure and gratitude of readers, is feeling that has made any good business necessary to people.

Where hearts open

– Here about the second, student’s, lives tell, please, in more detail.

– I am a slushatelnitsa of the higher school of the Moscow institute of television and broadcasting of "Ostankino" (МИТРО). Has gone to study, knowing that I will do after the termination: training transfer on Russian. Interesting, unusual – the same way in which my cheerful textbooks are written.

Tatyana Ric: «The normal person should not live in a leprozoriya»

Tatyana with Alexander Shchekin

In a creative situation of institute I have revived and have blossomed, though I and am most senior in group. We study the most different subjects: skill of the TV presenter, technician of speech, acting, direction, telejournalism, psychology, text editing … Well with the last at me and so everything is good. Teachers very much kindly, without arrogance, treat students. And it very much bribes!

The special course «Image and a make-up of the TV presenter» has already terminated. Thought, well that can be taught me? It seems, I am able to be painted. It appears, was not able! However, to make up correctly, it is necessary to spend since morning superfluous half an hour. Therefore I sometimes (sometimes!) I am painted incorrectly, but quickly. Especially when the special course on image has terminated, and I know that our teacher Alexander Sergeyevich Shchekin will not see me.

Alexander Sergeyevich – very intelligent person: if you will not ask, never will let know that in your shape something not so. According to his advice I have changed a hairdress: «… because, when hair down, you are similar to the linen keeper».

This happiness – somewhere to come, hear about the linen keeper, to laugh over itself, to communicate to educated, creative people. I adore our Tatyana Pushkin — she conducts at us skill of the TV presenter! Now we began a new subject – direction. To the new teacher, Elena Dmitriyevna Shmalts, I have between times told that I am a writer. She has become interested at once in my training books, has offered the help in advance on TV. Here such relation to students stands high. After all it is possible to be kind and without opening heart. And they open!

About diving, parachutes and terrible animal camel

– All of you time move a level of requirements to yourselves above. To someone something prove?

– It is so more interesting to me, all the time to take any height. I as Babbling the Queen – remember the cult children’s book «The fourth height?»

We travel with the son much, have visited dozens of the countries, in some already several times. Recently have returned from Egypt: I there plunged with the diver, went for a drive on an ATV, flied on an attraction, for which else at all have not thought up the name: two powerful streams lift in air a seat with the passenger and the instructor.

This year me for the first time in life have planted on a camel. It is more terrible, than to fly on a parachute or to float under water because there I understood that is fixed, and nearby the instructor. And on a camel nobody fixed me and did not hold. I have seized very much and shouted: «I fall!». But when me have removed, felt very happy. I have made it!

I do not reflect, as people around belong to activity of the woman with disability. Simply I live, as I would like and it seems correct. Who that will tell about it, me excites less, than in youth.

About why in the sixth class always there is pair of eighth-graders

– How you think, whether the word "inklyuziya" becomes for school same soon habitual, how, for example, the word "mark"?

– I am not a seer: I do not know. Moreover, having worked with children with disability, I think, what not any child needs to be conducted in usual school. One business if in a class there is a child in a carriage, or with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. And absolutely another – if the pupil because of the mental features is not entered in children’s collective. Often the teacher simply not to help it with forces: nobody taught us to it. Even at our school of distance learning for children with disability teachers do not possess defektologichesky knowledge and experience of carrying out correctional occupations.

As the practician I was glad to division of classes on strong and weak. Because once, in 19 years, received the first pedagogical experience with sixth-graders. And in this 6th class there were children and at level 4 classes, and — at level 8. I had to work on serednyachok. That is "fourth-graders" all the same a little that understood, and "eighth-graders" quickly acquired everything, it became boring for them, and they started to play about. Division into more and less strong classes gives the chance to the teacher to work both with strong, and with the weak.

I am the disabled person and should stand up for co-education. Because I am the normal, adequate person, and itself I do not want to study in a leprozoriya. But, having worked with such children ten years, I know, what difficult they happen, as happens difficult to them to the teacher and other pupils. I know, what cruel there are ordinary children. To speak about an inklyuziya, it is necessary to solve at first a problem of defektologichesky support of special children. And still it is necessary to prepare specially and then psychologically to support ordinary teachers.

About the Grey Neck and Ivan fool

In America animators already create series in the spirit of an inklyuziya: with heroes in a carriage or with a white cane. How many I tried to remember Russian-speaking fantastic heroes with disability, Ivans fools da have come to mind the Grey Neck only. And that their disability under a big question. And among your fantastic heroes only one «not such» the character: a doll with multi-coloured eyes.

Whether children’s writers can approach inclusive society? And why in your creativity there are no heroes with other possibilities?

– I will try to argue. The person who not in a subject, should not write about disability, differently will turn out a branchy cranberry. And it is necessary to nobody.

I about it do not want to write, because I try to separate from own disability. It does not mean that never anything about it I will write, I do not want to promise. If at me need something tells on this subject …

You have correctly noticed: the doll with different eyes is I with the feet. Living with feeling that it is necessary to nobody, because «not such». But it has been written many years ago, now I have ceased to pay attention to the chairbound feet.

There is still such danger: when for any hero strongly feel sorry, the child has a desire to become the same patient that it too loved and were sorry. And such literature can set an undesirable vector to development of the child, even to overturn life. Girls after all sometimes dream to die to lie in a coffin in white kruzhavchik and that everything around is bitter about them cried.

I think, in my illness such impressionability is partly guilty. That is this children’s desire of pity could shoot, and could and is not present. At me has shot.

On the other hand, it is necessary to children to tell the truth: the person with disability same, as all the others … If I feel that I should tell about it, I will surely tell.

The one who went through a system, will not be frightened of a podium

– To separate from the disability it is possible differently: it is possible to be at home, that anybody about it has not learnt, and it is possible to leave in a carriage on a podium. Tell, why you have preferred the second option.

– 20 years ago society was even less ready, than now, to accept the person with disability. Three years after with me all this happened, I have stayed at home. Then began to leave, and has fully experienced that such to go through a system.

Represent: passes a trolleybus, and all passengers amicably turn the head in your party. Or in the middle of the street stops, having opened a mouth, the old woman. And at you will look, without coming off, because it seems to it that its reaction does not confuse you: you are a disabled person, so, is deranged. It is very heavy to see it, especially if a few years ago you were healthy and beautiful.

Already such is not present, thank God. I try to behave so as if at me everything is normal. The person quickly enough gets used: the first 15 minutes of conversation strains, and then already looks you in the face and talks, as with the interlocutor, instead of an appendage to wheels.

My mother could not accept my condition, I too could not, long hid. Refused, when journalists wanted to write about my illness: spoke, I am a writer, I can speak with you about books, my health should excite nobody.

Then I have given birth to the son and there was with it one because mother has died from cancer during my pregnancy. It was necessary to me so hard that, having sustained all this, I have thought: to me is, for what itself to respect! And I have allowed to be to myself such what is.

Therefore I have agreed not only to tell about the disability, but also to participate in a beauty contest «Mrs. Independence 2012». And even has won a crown – a prize of spectator sympathies! We, women in carriages, leave on a podium not to show modelling appearance. It is a way to tell to people: yes, with us there was a misfortune, we were traumatised or have ached. But it does not mean that we have ceased to be people or became worse. We simply move in a different way.

Tatyana Ric: «The normal person should not live in a leprozoriya»

Competition «Mrs. Independence»

But we remain women – beautiful, good, favourite or unloved, loving or not loving … Live, normal.

Svetlana Melnikova’s photo and from family archive