The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

It carries modelling footwear, goes for a drive on rollers and considers a duty to destroy stereotypes concerning blind people.

In Belarus Russian "Voice" do not broadcast: show licence. But record of performance of Patricia Kurganova has in a moment scattered on social networks. Together with information that the song "Run to you" performed by the compatriot has caused tears in Alexander Gradskogo.

Patricia Kurganova, «Run to you” 

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

– There such pain!. – Alexander Borisovich has explained the emotions which have overflowed it. Also has invited the girl in the team.

Before Patrician became one of 14 participants of team Town, it has passed preliminary selection. At that correspondence stage from nearly 11 thousand wishing have been chosen one and a half hundred the most interesting performers.

Now, when we talk to it, behind not only «Blind listening», but also the second, internal, round – "Fights". The patrician has not the right to tell about battles because any day there is a televersion of competitions.

Ahead – live concerts with spectator vote up the time of which in each team remains only on 6 people. And final performances where the strongest will be defined.

Whether it is necessary to speak, whom Belarusians with all the heart support?

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

In a minute of the Patrician it will appear in Alexander Gradskogo’s team

Heels as way of self-preservation

 From an image which was drawn in my head while expected to the Patrician, to reality there correspond only points: dark and fashionable.

The beautiful girl in these points has surely opened doors, has taped heels on a ladder and a corridor, having on the way poured itself a water glass from a cooler. Also has smiled to my first question:

– At a white cane the tip therefore it it was necessary to leave houses has broken. And heels are, it is possible to tell, with a view of self-preservation: I on them go more carefully. Here in sports shoes – I fly.

– The patrician, from where in you such confidence? Of us by phone it is difficult to some to talk, because so they do not see a face of the interlocutor. And you step on the stage in front of chambers and thousand eyes … and quietly smile?

– And it, probably, experience: before an exit always I worry, but with the first sounds of music the confidence comes back. For the first time having stepped on the stage, I have understood that without such power exchange to live I can not any more. It is impossible to explain words that the performer when an applause of the audience blocks music feels. The delight mixed with excitement – the whole scale of feelings from which flow it is difficult to hold breath.

Before a part in the first round of "Voice" I worried, as well as other participants of competition. And these emotions have returned, when on reaction of the audience has understood that someone from instructors has turned …

«White cane» or help hand?

 By the way, the Patrician has become constant visitor to Moscow not only because of participation in the Voice project.

On October 7 she sang at the fourth International charitable festival «White cane». One of creators of this festival, the chairman of the board of trustees of Fund of the help to blind and visually impaired children Diana Gurtskaya sponsors the talented Belarusian since for the first time has heard it at a concert at the Minsk school for blind children.

– Usually «The white cane» passes later. But this year Goran Bregovich was his guest, it now in round across America, and day on October 7 was the only thing when he could participate.

The patrician at a festival sang with three participants of the first season of "Voice" – Achi Purtseladze, Henri Gogniashvili and Artem Kacharyan – «We are the world» Michael Jackson’s song.

– We communicate with Diana Gurtskaya since 2006, even my birthday met in Moscow together. When such open and kind person overcomes own barriers, he wants to help another. Therefore there was a festival «White cane» on which dreams come true. The huge number of children comes there to leave with the got stronger belief in the forces and abilities. I rejoice to their happiness together with them.

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

With Diana Gurtskaya

«Thanks to mother: she did not feel sorry for me»

 The patrician speaks, her mother cared, that the daughter had more household chores, and round it there are less than ban and restrictions.

– The brother learnt to go for a drive on rollers, I too have wanted. Well, and not bad it turns out. When there is a good poorly populated route, go for a drive itself or with friends. With a bicycle it is more difficult: sometimes I drive in a fence or a border, after all at blind problems with balance.

The patrician sings since itself remembers, and it too a mother’s merit.

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

Music lessons

– Mother was the musical teacher and the psychologist. She learnt to play me on a piano, and we together sang – in my opinion, I sang more often than talked.

When Patrician still went to school, her big brother was lost, and to mother have made the terrible diagnosis: cardiomyopathy. It there was a month of life. The destiny has softened a sentence with hands кардиохирурга Yury Ostrovsky: after operation mother has lived five more years. On the expiration of this time rescue it heart lungs complex change could only, but mother has not waited the donor. Two years ago it did not become.

– The last years mother spent a lot of time in hospitals, I lived that one, with the grandmother, – the girl tells. – Studied, worked and every day visited mother. Doctors spoke, after communication with me she transferred procedures easier.

As the grandmother has got to social networks

 The grandmother has moved recently to Patricia.

– The grandmother at me modern, uses Aypad, in social networks about me reads, – the girl speaks. – I before departure speak: you should master Skype that we communicated. Everything, have mastered Skype, have gone further. Though first there was a lot of resistance – a pier, I already the was disaccustomed, why to me the computer.

Still I try to do everything itself. I prepare in multicooking it it is convenient, from it escapes nothing. I go to shops, everywhere I happen. In Minsk with movings it is simpler, than in Moscow: there are a lot of visitors, and I after all do not see, to whom I approach with questions. Once sat in the underground at station New Cheryomushki – nearby a sound of working fountains, around foreign speech – full feeling that I abroad.

In the house Patricians not so there is a lot of gadgets: saying scales yes the determinant of colour presented by Diana.

– The device interesting, of course, – assures that I have dark brown hair and orange skin, – laughs the Patrician. – But when anybody is not present the house, and it is necessary to choose from two jackets of one breed, helps.

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart


Without the right to learn on a diagonal

 In 10 years of the Patrician has gone at once to the third class of music school.

– At our school have opened branch of the musical. It was very convenient, and teachers have come the good: thanks to them I have even more fallen in love with music.

Teachers studied together with us, it their first experience of interaction with blind children. Very successful though blind children should give more time. Now at our music school already work with a font Braylya, there was a teacher from among graduates, she studies in conservatory. Problems happen only to the parents sometimes sorry and protecting from "overloads" of the musical children.

Having ended a graduation class, the Patrician wanted to register in training university courses. To it have told, there is no need the blind girl courses, all the same conditions for blind in higher education institution are not present.

– I just then have got acquainted with Diana, and have told it about it. It has taken a situation to heart, has sent some letters that me have allowed to tests in culture university. Have created for me the commission, have heard, have allowed to pass written examinations by a font Braylya.

The patrician studied on a hospital, as all. When it happened not to find the necessary audience in eight floors of the main case, called messmates.

– At the very beginning of occupations has passed to the grandmother "examination", – the girl tells – the First time has independently reached from the flat a porch of the main case – and there the grandmother meets. For me down the street went, worried.

With development of technologies it becomes simpler to blind students to study: there are dictophones, the Internet, sounding programs. Unless the blind person is deprived of possibility to read on a diagonal, snatching out the main thing.

– If the volume material has to be compressed till the sizes of the abstract, friends helped: charged extra the text on a dictophone.

When my interlocutor graduated from the university, her already called one of the best students of a course. And the girl has found work without problems, still the student has received the invitation of a message of class in a vocal in the rehabilitation centre. For someone from her pupils of occupation by a vocal – possibility to develop talent, for someone – respiratory gymnastics which let’s an illness progress.

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

For those who did not see it on a scene, the Patrician simply beautiful Belarusian girl

Why blind to go to the underground?

 A few years ago the girl with a white cane did not start up to the Minsk underground. Times change: now to the Patrician do not stop, but often insist on support.

– The care is pleasant, but I answer: thanks, I, me is quieter without support.

The patrician has told that on "Voice" it had to calm the partner who conducted it on a scene during rehearsals.

– It directly shook for excitement for me and a sense of responsibility. To me something was necessary to tell it seems «Be not afraid, it is not so terrible!» Many ordinary people do not know how to approach, as it is correct to help the blind. Well, slowly will get used, when becomes on streets such, as I more.

According to Patricia, at schools able to see and blind children should study together, then they will have no problems with interaction. Only in a class on a level with the teacher let works тифлопедагог which will help the special child.

– I against «areas blind» – territories where blind live and work, round the clock remaining among same blind. The staff of the enterprise of Society of visually impaired persons tells me that they would like to communicate with different people.

So I for an inklyuziya in all its manifestations.

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

The patrician does not need support in the underground and on the street

«Let see that I am the live positive person»

 Few years ago the Patrician has managed to become the participant of show «Let’s get married».

– Has thought, let at me will look and will see that I am the live positive person, though in dark glasses, – the girl tells.

And how actually with private life?

– It would be desirable to meet the person with whom we will find a common language, we will understand each other. At blind the features, not everyone will agree with them to be reconciled.

I for «Let’s get married» told that has dispersed from the guy. It was jealous, all the time arranged to me checks. Could ask somebody that that has approached to me on the street, has got acquainted. When I have understood it, was shocked: unless it is possible not to trust, if you love?

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

Listening on the First channel

About dreams which sometimes do not hurry to turn into the purposes

 – What do you appreciate in people?

– Understanding: ability not to set sometimes superfluous questions. And all high human qualities

– And that could not forgive to the loved one?

– Treachery. Nobody betrayed me, but I know that could not forgive it.

– Whether you are able to dream?

– Certainly. I have dreams which I try to turn into the purposes, and they surely come true. And there are dreams which and remain dreams. For example, to swim for a while with dolphins. I want long ago it, but that I leave somewhere, other reasons disturb …

I love outdoor activities, and I want to go to mountains surely: never there was. Only in Italy, but I then was only 13 years old.

I dream to see the sea. I so love water noise, a unique sea smell … The medicine on a place is not necessary and, probably, in some years there will be technologies which will return sight to people from a total otsloyky retina, as at me.

And still I have such widespread dream how to be engaged favourite profession – to teach, sing. I do not feel in myself restrictions: I same, as other people.

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

Patricia Kurganova and Alexander Gradsky

«Voice. Off-screen»

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