Paralympic games

Paralympic games

Whether there is Sochi the sports centre for paralimpiyets? What chances at the Russian national team? These and other questions were answered on February 20 at 14.00 by the vice-chairman of committee of the State Duma on work, social policy and affairs of veterans, paraliympiysky champion Mikhail Terentyev.

1. What support appears to our paralimpiyets, participants of future games, from the government?//Pavel Prakhov

Minsport the Russian Federation has in full financed training actions and participation of teams in mezhdunardny sorevnoaniye. Also at the expense of budgetary funds the sports equipment and an ekpirovka, and also obspecheno medical and anti-doping support have been bought.

2. Mikhail Borisovich, in your opinion what level of preparation of sports objects and objects for life of paralimpiyets?//Anton

All sports objects in Sochi have been constructed taking into account the available environment. In last season there have passed test competitions. Athletes from abroad have highly appreciated readiness of objects for competitions.

3. What measures are undertaken for development of system of preparation of paralimpiyets in regions?//Lesya

First of all, the vector for development is set by a state program «The available environment» within which in 2011 of 15 subjects have received sports establishments on adaptive sports, this year of such regions will be already 36. The state program is directed on creation of the bezbaryerny environment which will allow disabled people to go in for sports more actively. In 28 subjects child youthful sports and adaptive schools are created, soon same ДЮСАШ will appear in 9 regions. The Moscow region, Hanty-Manskysky autonomous region where the centres of adaptive physical culture and sports which have allowed to develop to new winter sports – such as sletch-hockey and curling have been created is very indicative in this plan. In some subjects at sports schools offices of adaptive sports open. Data an orgmeropriyatiya allow those athletes who can potentially take high places in the championship of Russia, to be attached in these schools.

4. Hello, Mikhail Borisovich! Why Paralympic games became more popular? And whether all objects in Sochi are available to people with disability? Yours faithfully, Ruslan Suleymanov.//Ruslan Suleymanov

It is a merit of the International paralimypisky committee which it is active сотрудничет about the IOC. It has allowed to deduce Paralimpiada’s illumination to deduce on new level because since 1988 Paralympic games pass on the same sports objects, as Olympic Games.

Objects not everything are available. Only 1800 objects of city infrastructure have been adapted for people with disability.

5. Good afternoon. Whether tell, please, there will be at paralimpiyets after the Olympic Games a possibility to train in Sochi? If yes, that what measures of support from the state are in it?//Elena

Yes. The sports South base is actively used for preparation of athletes and skiers. The created sports infrastructure can accept any competitions for paralimypiyets.

6 whether. It is necessary to wait from our national team of the first place in medalny offset. And how many athletes from Russia will participate in the paraolympic Games?//Alexander

69 athletes and 12 leaders of blind athletes will participate in Paralympic games on mountain skiing and skiing. Our team is ready to show the best result. I will remind that on last Games in Vancouver we have taken the second place in medalny offset.

7. Mikhail Borisovich, you will support what sport?//Victoria

For hockey and biathlon.

8. Are well. I am the member of youth chamber of the Yaroslavl region. Our commission on health care would like to help, our young people with limited possibilities to go on these games, but at us I am absent on it financial means. How we can help them under such circumstances?//Ekaterina

Address to the governor of the Yaroslavl region, let will support your initiative.

9. It was necessary to face what difficulties at creation of the available environment in the Olympic Sochi, first of all, in a mountain cluster, where a special relief? How it was possible to overcome them?//Andrey

As objects were новыпе and were planned taking into account offers of the International paraimpiysky committee, the main thing in these conditions was the responsible relation of builders. Difficulties were overcome under Mezhdunardnogo’s continuous monitoring of Paralympic committee, Parlimpiysky committee of Russia and the All-Russia organisations of disabled people.

10. It is clear that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will pass. Whether it is planned to use the created infrastructure further for Paralympic competitions? Whether have thought of the audience with limited possibilities? Whether the Olympic objects are suitable for them?//Savichev

Not only objects where pass Paralympic competitions, are available to the audience, but also for other objects places for the audience with disability are provided. Certainly on such objects it is necessary to hold competitions for disabled people.

11 whether. Compensation for the zavoyovanny medals, similar to what athletes Olympians receive is necessary to the Russian paralimpiyets?//Alexander

Since 2006, the award for achievements of paralimpiyets is equated to awards of ordinary Olympians.

12. Mikhail Borisovich, in what sports at our paralimpiyets the highest chances of gold? what regions represent the greatest number of participants on Paralympic games?//Andrey

The highest chances of gold at us in all sports, except a parasnowboard as this new sport on Paralympic games is presented for the first time. Ipredstavitel of 18 regions of Russia have entered into a line-up. The most representative – the Moscow region, Moscow and Bashkiria.

13. Good afternoon. Tell, please, in more detail about how there was a selection in the national team on Paralympic games? What region are presented? Thanks in advance//Sergey

Selection principles in command for Paralympic games have been created 2 years ago. On the basis of qualifying requirements from the International Paralympic committee. Following the results of the championships of Russia, the international competitions, trainer’s councils on each sport the best athletes have been selected. Also athletes are included in team on additional quotas from Paralympic committee, on so-called "wild cards". On January 28 the list structure at joint meeting of a staff of Minsport and executive committee of Paralympic committee has been approved. The basic principle is a formation of team by sports results. Moscow and area, Bashkiria, Udmurtiya, the Tyumen region, Altai Krai, Perm Krai, Chelyabinsk region, Sverdlovsk region, the Arkhangelsk region, the Omsk region and others are presented.

14 whether. There will be a relay race of Paralympic fire or there will be an Olympic flame?//Sergey

Estefeta starts on February 28 in all federal districts of Russia. On the fifth of March there will be an association of Paralympic fire in Sochi. It will be also lighted. The Olympic fire will go out on February 23. Paralympic games will begin on March 7.

15. Than, in your opinion, victorious successes of Russian paralimpiyets against failures of Olympians in last Olympic Games speak?//Novel

Successes паралимпийев became visible for all in 2006 because the president of Russia has shown consideration for it. As about sports of disabled people of m it is scarlet knew in the country, our successes are most brightly visible on such contrast and the address of attention to successes promoted such public response.

16. Heard, what a part of the Olympic objects it will be dismantled and transferred to other regions? Whether so it and whether it will be necessary to decentralise these objects let all in one place?//Anton

Some objects will be transferred to other region, but, I think, there are discussions on this matter which demand an economic justification.

Biography: Terentyev Mikhail Borisovich, the Vice-chairman of committee of the State Duma on work, social policy and affairs of veterans

Paralympic gamesWas born on May 14, 1970 in the city of Krasnoyarsk.

In 1993 has graduated from economics department of Krasnoyarsk state university, in 2009 – Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Since 1984 was engaged in biathlon.

In 1986 at competitions in the city of Kirov has got a heavy trauma – the chest department of a backbone has been broken.

In 1993 has started active trainings and participates in competitions among people with limited possibilities on skiing and track and field athletics.

In 1999 – the chief accountant of Retsept-sport Charity foundation.

In 2005-2007 – the athlete the instructor in Paralympic sports in Centre sportivnoy podgotovki Federal State Institution of national teams of Russia.

On June 28, 2006 – the secretary general of Paralympic Committee of Russia.

In 2006-2007 – the ambassador of the Russian athletes-paralimpiytsev as a part of Application committee «Sochi 2014».

In 2007-2011 – the deputy of the State Duma of Federal meeting of the Russian Federation of the fifth convocation. Member of Edinaya Rossiya fraction.

On December 4, 2011 it is elected the deputy of the State Duma of the sixth convocation. The vice-chairman of committee of the State Duma on work, social policy and affairs of veterans

The president – the chairman of the board of fund of support of disabled people «The uniform country».

Spoke in a line-up of Russia at Paralympic games in Lillehammer (Norway, 1994), Nagano (Japan, 1998), Sydney (Australia, 2000), Salt Lake City (the USA, 2002), Athens (Greece, 2004) and Turin (Italy, 2006).

The Paralympic champion, the owner of 4 silver and 2 bronze Paralympic medals, the world champion among athletes-kolyasochnikov, the silver medallist of the World Cup, silver and the 2nd multiple bronze prize-winner of the World Cup on skiing; the owner of 3 bronze medals of the European championship on track and field athletics among athletes with defeat of the musculoskeletal device.

The deserved master of sports of Russia.

It is awarded by awards of Friendship and «For merits before the Fatherland» the IV degrees.