Beautiful forms for every woman

Self confidence for every woman is really necessary and important. Your body desires the best care, especially if we are speaking about breast beauty. ADONIS Breast plastic surgery is developed in compliance with the latest technologies and worldwide norms to ensure the beautiful shapes for every woman who desires it.

Different reasons can guide the people to experience Plastic surgery for Breast in ADONIS. Except the pure desire to have the ideally shaped breast, there is a wide range of medical indications for it:

  • Breast atrophy (mammary glands stretching and sagging after breastfeeding)
  • Breast ptosis (most frequent in women of older age)
  • Cosmetic defects (especially after cancerous tumor removal in the breast)
  • Macromastia (oversized breast shapes)
  • Gynecomastia (“sagging” breasts in men)
  • Micromastia (small breast size)

The widest range of ADONIS services provides the opportunity to select the best option for you according to personal wishes or medical indications. Our highly experienced staff ensure the personal consultation with every patient where every tiniest aspect is spoken and discussed. The whole process of treatment is developed in compliance with your personal rigorous examination and its results (ADONIS own laboratory is the role model of the most technological medical facilities with the new age equipment). Natural-looking breast shapes and happiness of the clients are our main goals to which we strive to follow. 

There is no difference between a sincere desire to make the breast shape of ideal form for you just from aesthetic consideration or medical indications – be sure that with ADONIS Plastic Breast surgery the result will be of the best beauty and quality. 

ADONIS main benefits that are estimated by our patients from the whole world: 

  • Reliability 

Your safety and control over the medical processes are ensured by the highly experienced staff with long-term qualification and multiple successful cases. ADONIS has worked for more than 23 years to provide stability for everyone. 

  • Technological effectiveness

We are always in cooperation with the worldwide medical surgery society in the sphere of Beauty and Youthfulness. ADONIS ensures the best services of the new generation for you successful and effective treatment. 

  • Variety of options 

ADONIS Beauty provides the largest variety of the Programs that meet all requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Rigorous selection of the treatment directions are suitable for different cases and indications. 

  • Care and support 

We are really honorable for every case and result that is provided by our specialists. An additional focus of ADONIS clinics is aimed at the special care and total support during the whole process of the treatment and after the surgeries (during the rehabilitation stage). Only good emotions and effective results are waiting for you in ADONIS Beauty.

The perfect breast form according to your personal requirement and wishes is ensured by ADONIS Breast plastic surgery. Right now is the right time to begin the new chapter of your life where you’re totally satisfied with your body and enjoy your beautiful shapes. 

ADONIS will help you to reach a new quality of life, we are waiting for you!

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