Any justifications: «Sports – my work» – interview to a paralimpiyets Oleg Balukhto

Any justifications: «Sports – my work» – interview to a paralimpiyets Oleg Balukhto

Oleg Balukhto – the master of sports of the international class, repeated prize-winner Chempionatov and World Cups on skiing, the participant of Paralympic games in Vancouver.

One of these days we have had a talk with Oleg about sports, sports spirit and about, whether the future Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary to Russia.

– Hi, Oleg! Thank you that you do not look for «Any justifications».

– Hi, Nastya! Thanks for the invitation in a special project.

– Oleg, tell about the childhood: where you were born?

– I from the city of Klintsy of the Bryansk region. It is the small provincial town with the population about 80 thousand people. Here I both was born, and grew, and studied.

Studied at usual high school. After the termination of the 10th class, on summer vacations earned additionally on building. There was an accident – the 11th class доучивался already without a hand.

– Life has strongly changed?

– Yes, it is quite essential. The first thought was: «What will friends tell?».

Was in hospital and thought, how acquaintances will apprehend it, after all it was necessary still the 11th class доучиваться. And home has arrived, friends have come, have communicated. Certainly, at first it was unusual – and me, and of. But further communication has gone as equals.

I have not gone in cycles in the happened: has gone to school, visited various actions, began to go on competitions.

– That should learn after a trauma?

– Generally there were household problems. For example, laces to stick. First it was necessary тяжеловато, but the person adapts to everything. Now, 10 years later, I live and I do not notice that I have no hand.

– Who has most supported you during that moment?

– Parents. Let’s become reserved, lower a hand. I in hospital lay, and they already rang round Bryansk higher education institutions, learnt, whether there are conditions for training of disabled people – planned on the future.

– By the way, you have received what education?

– After school I have gone to study in the Moscow state academy of physical culture. Has finished it in absentia. Studied on chair of skiing.

Any justifications: «Sports – my work» – interview to a paralimpiyets Oleg Balukhto

Oleg Balukhto: «I have not gone in cycles on happened»

Oh, Sports, you – life!

– Oleg how you have got to sports? Why skis?

– I tried to be engaged in different types of sports – both football, and track and field athletics. But it has not developed anywhere.

Years in 13 I has come to section of skis. About a year was engaged, but continuous trainings, quite serious loadings – somehow all this was not pleasant to me. Has thrown.

And in 16 years when there was already to me an accident, the former trainer – Kireichev Nikolay Alekseevich – has approached and has told: «Oleg, you want to train again?». I have answered: «Let’s try» though not so represented as it is possible without a hand.

Have tried. It has turned out.

– This time skis were pleasant?

– Yes. A variety of preparatory process was pleasant: both cross-country, and scooters, both imitation, and bicycle, and swimming and directly skis. Besides, it began to turn out. Has started to go on competitions, has taken silver on superiority of Russia. It was involved.

– What at you now the schedule of trainings?

– 2-2,5 hours in the morning and 1,5-2 hours train every day, in the evening. But duration depends on training type: high-speed, power etc.

– And any holidays and days off?

– A lot of things depends on rest. If constantly to train, there will be no progress, the organism will be overloaded. Rest – one of the key moments of preparation. It is important to calculate correctly the restoration periods therefore without days off it is impossible.

– I have correctly understood, what your return to sports is, in many respects, a merit of the trainer?

– Yes. He and to me trained disabled people. In particular, Valery Pavlovich Kupchinskogo, the 9-fold Paralympic champion among the visually impaired. So, Nikolay Alekseevich well a sign with the invasporty.

– Oleg, and in what difference of usual sports from parasports?

– There are differentiations on categories. For example, athletes with a hearing disorder, sight, the musculoskeletal device. In categories athletes share also on classes.

At each class the factor: standards of the healthy athlete undertake 100 % and on them, depending on disability degree, the standard for the paraathlete is calculated. For example, at me the factor makes 96 % (a minus of 4 % from time of the ordinary skier).

Disabled people compete among themselves, proceeding from the factors. With the healthy we do not run.

– And if to take a psychological component, there are differences?

It seems to me, at disabled people the sports spirit is more expressed. Each of them has already passed through serious test in life – traumas, failures, diseases. They have already overcome themselves. Have become tempered. Therefore the motivation has more.

– What is the sports spirit?

– A spirit on a victory.

Any justifications: «Sports – my work» – interview to a paralimpiyets Oleg Balukhto

Oleg on Paralympic games in Vancouver

Citius, Altius, Fortius!

– In our country have started talking about parasports after Games in Vancouver. Paralimpiyets noted that the biggest complexity is a purchase of expensive special stock. You have faced what difficulties in professional sports?

– When you in the national team, will equip you the Ministry. All give: both skis, and clothes. Cases when it is necessary to seek the financial help elsewhere, are exclusive.

Therefore difficulties which at me arose, had, besides, household character. The biggest problem – movement. When went on competitions, was not accompanying, it was necessary heavy a cover with skis and a bag to drag on itself, one hand.

– And the trainer unless does not accompany the athlete?

– The trainer goes only on the Championships of Russia. At internal competitions it helps, skis prepares, and on the international I go one. Therefore it is necessary to ask often friends, schoolmates who live in Moscow – to meet, lead. Always respond.

– Extraneous people sometime helped?

– Practically not.

– How you have got to the national team?

– In 2005 has acted on superiority of Russia. Became the second. By rules who in prizes — get to a youth reserve. In 2006 in the Championship of Russia I have taken silver and bronze. It has allowed to get to national team structure.

– Now you are a master of sports of the international class, repeated prize-winner Chempionatov and World Cups. So?

– Everything is true. From World Cups at me there are a lot of medals of different advantage. In the World Cup of 2009 – silver on long race by classics; in 2011 – bronze in biathlon.

Unfortunately, that would be desirable, in Vancouver has not turned out. Applied for prize-winning places. But there were problems with greasing. It has not allowed to rise highly – only the 6th place.

– 10 the best – good result. Especially, in skis a lot of things depends on weather …

– Yes, in skis, not only in invalid sports, but also in general, not all depends on the athlete. Greasing, weather – all these conditions of victories. Often I hear, how abuse the main national team, and who knows, can at the athlete simply skis have not gone.

– You go to Sochi?

– While it is not known. There is a selection. Now there are competitions, after them, at the end of January – the beginning of February, it becomes clear, I will enter into the national team or not. But at a December stage of the World Cup in Canada I have acted not so – 7 and the 8th places. Such results usually do not allow to get to the national team.

– Among paralimpiyets the strong competition?

– On the international scene is not present.

Every year level of athletes around the world grows. But our paraathletes, all the same, – one of the strongest. It has shown both Turin, and Vancouver when we have collected the greatest number of gold medals and became the first in all-command offset. Happens, the international competitions remind the championship of Russia, as all our pedestal.

– It is a merit of Russian character or our children simply are prepared better, at us it is better trainers?

– In total on slightly. Both school good, and trainers good, and stock we try to buy the quite good. But also character, certainly, influences.

– Time we have started talking about Sochi, I will ask you an "inconvenient" question. Few days remained before opening of Games, but the population does not rejoice, and is angry. That the torch dies away, burns down completely – money is spent much, and to be proud while there is nothing. What do you think of carrying out the Olympic Games in Russia?

– If I was not the professional athlete, I would agree with opinion which occurs in society supposedly better this money to enclose in development of regional sports, to construct in each country town on a sports complex etc.

But, as the athlete, I will tell – the Olympic Games are necessary. I will explain why. First, it is very prestigious, when competitions of such level pass at you houses. How it is banal has sounded, walls help.

Secondly, it will help to change the relation of people to disabled people. At us invalid sports to Vancouver practically were not shined. In Turin messages in news occasionally flashed that someone from paralimpiyets has taken a medal, and all.

If from Sochi there will be live broadcasts on the central channels of speeches of paraathletes, the situation will change. People will understand that the disabled person is a person who can professionally go in for sports and increase prestige of the country.

Thirdly, Paralympic games can change the relation to life of disabled people. It should impulse them. They will look and will see that it is possible to live differently, to go to the sports hall, to train.

Any justifications: «Sports – my work» – interview to a paralimpiyets Oleg Balukhto

Oleg in the Championship of Russia in Khanty-Mansiysk

– Oleg, and the audience come to competitions of paraathletes, except relatives and friends?

– Abroad, practically not. You look competitions of the healthy – full tribunes, fans with posters near routes. At disabled people such is not present. Competitions by time remind training. There is no advertising – there is no audience.

Even in Vancouver on tribunes there were only official delegations accompanying the national teams. Sometimes in addition brought children.

And here in Russia on the contrary. When in 2010 in Khanty-Mansiysk passed the World Cup in biathlon, there were many fans. Tribunes have been almost completely filled, people shouted, applauded, stood on routes.

– Seriously?

– Absolutely!

Belief in the future

– Oleg, then why many people try not to notice disabled people? Will pass on the street by and hands will not submit.

– It is simple to eat a stereotype: the disabled person is a beggar. Earlier at people with limited physical possibilities often did not remain a choice – work was not. When the person gains disability, at many hands fall. Thinking that life has ended, people are at home, someone becomes an inveterate drunkard …

So, disabled people have in many respects generated this stereotype. Society has only reacted.

Actually, life goes on. It is necessary to overcome itself only.

– You are married. The spouse – the beauty. How you will bring up children, in respect of communication with disabled people?

– Difficult question. I will simply try to explain that in life everyone happens. Disabled people – not aliens. It is necessary to treat them the same as to the healthy.

Any justifications: «Sports – my work» – interview to a paralimpiyets Oleg Balukhto

Paralimpiyets Oleg Balukhto with spouse Olga

– I know that, besides skis, you are not indifferent to cars. Did not think to be engaged also in motor racing?

– Cars are my hobby. There were thoughts to try. Alessandro Nannini after a trauma in "Formula-1" acted. As I love extreme driving. In the city I go accurately, I respect other participants of movement, but on the covered areas it is pleasant to leave abrupt bends. But, unfortunately, we have no routes for preparation.

– By the way, and why you still have not got over to Moscow?

– Moscow the beautiful city, but there is too much vanity. In Klintsy — 2 minutes and I in the sports hall, and there jams, haste. I love tranquillity.

– You somewhere else work, besides sports?

– Sports – my work. I work at sport school as the athlete-instructor, that is at the same time I train and I help with any questions to the trainer.

– The youth comes to skiing?

– Comes. But there are units. Passes a set, there are 20 new children, years till 10-12, – «Oh, skis! Cool». And skis is a heavy sport. Children come unprepared, and when loadings begin, are eliminated. There passes week – already 10 people remained. A week more – is even less. As a result, there are 2-3 persons really it will be pleasant whom.

Especially, the city small, also is other sections. Recently here have constructed a modern football complex. It is simpler to children to drive a ball – in skis difficult to entice.

By the way, probably, Sochi will promote also to it is at younger generation there will be an interest to skiing.

– Than you plan to be engaged after the completion of sports career?

– Thought of it. Most likely, I will work as the trainer. I have a 10-year experience in инваспорте. I do not want, that it was gone. I want to work with disabled people. I think, even in my small town I can find the wishing.

– Of what you dream out of sports?

– The wife is, therefore I dream of children.

– Our project is called «Any justifications». How you understand this phrase?

– To live and not to think that you are a disabled person. To go forward. Know that how was, everything will be adjusted.

– Oleg, wish something to Layfkhaker’s readers?

Enjoy life. It one. Rejoice to new day. Try the new. That, after the lapse of years, it was not a shame.

– Thanks, Oleg! New victories to you!

– Thanks, Nastya!