Nick Vuychichs column: Tomato bush

Nick Vuychichs column: Tomato bush

When I was six years old, my family has decided to plant a small tomato bush. We with the father have planted a tomato seed to the crude soil and he has told to me: «Nick, it will take long time so be patient». Also that you think I has made? I waited outside during the whole hour. I waited that the tomato sprout eventually will arise and wanted to see it own eyes. The father left the house and has seen me who has stared in the earth: «Nicolas, what you do?» I have answered that I wait, when the sprout will seem.

–         Unless I have not told to you, what it will take a lot of time?

–         I know. I already wait here on the street a lot of time.

–         No, Nick. On it two weeks will leave.

–         Two weeks?!!

When you are six years old, two weeks seem to you eternity. But eventually the tomato sprout has broken through through the earth, and you know that there has grown. Certainly, tomatoes. Are surprised? Because you have accepted it as self-evident: that have planted, will grow. The bible treats it as follows: «If you think that can deceive God, thereby deceive yourself. That will sow, will reap». [To Galatam 6:7]. I want to ask you: «What seeds you sit down today? You cultivate lie or aspire to the truth? You are indifferent or want to achieve something?» I know that sometimes fruits of your work are visible later very long time. But do not despair. Put good seeds, and will soon reap a good harvest.

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