Brazilian paralimpiyets: «I from those who lives for the sake of sports»

Brazilian paralimpiyets: «I from those who lives for the sake of sports»

Athlete Fernando Aranya who will represent Brazil on Paralimpiada’s skiing in Sochi, has told in interview to "the Voice of Russia» about the favourite sports disciplines and a family from 115 brothers and sisters

– Tell about itself: where were born, how old are you, how long go in for sports?

– I am 35 years old, I was born in Sao Paulo, the capital of the state. Now there live nearby, in the city of Koty, a boarding school "Pekeno Kotolengo de San Luis Orion", and already soon 20 years as I am engaged in different types of sports, including basketball, track and field athletics, cycling, triathlon and some other. I love sports and I treat those who lives for the sake of it.

– You have a sponsor?

– No. Actually, I always did not have sponsors, however I am supported by many people, and it allows me to be engaged at the proper level.

A week ago I worked, sounded television films in Sao Paulo. Now work is not present, but there was enough time in order that it is good to be prepared for starts in Sochi. All that becomes, – to the best.

– Forgive for a question, Fernando, what your restrictions physically?

– Residual phenomenon of children’s paralysis, poliomyelitis consequence. Happened so that I grew not in the family, and in a boarding school. Played a ball, sitting in a wheelchair … As a result began to perceive surrounding as norm. In life I am supported by a big family from 115 brothers and sisters, pupils of our centre for rehabilitation of people with limited physical or intellectual possibilities.

When has grown, began to be engaged in various affairs out of a boarding school – to work, study at university.

– You have received what speciality at university?

– Public relations, with specialisation on radio and television. There is something very attractive in relationship of sports and mass media; undoubtedly, one cannot exist without another.

– In a boarding school, where do you live, there are still athletes?

– Were in college where I studied. Through them I have come into contact to "external" sports. The matter is that earlier I did not know, where and how to be engaged. They have shown me everything in practice.

– You play for any club? In what sports?

– As to cycling, I represent today "Veloklub San Jose Dos Campos". Also I consist in group of athletes of Parasports club "Superasan" in Sao Paulo. And basketball was my first hobby. Then, in the childhood, I was engaged in it to promote in life, for the sake of the sports, for the sake of health …

Very good relations have developed with triathlon.

– And what from itself represents triathlon for athletes with limited possibilities?

– At first – a heat on 759 metres, usually open-air, then – dvadtsatikilometrovy cycle race and, at last, five kilometres in the wheelchair which has been specially adapted for races.

– What is the time it is necessary for you to pass this distance?

– About an hour and ten minutes …. A lot of things depends on a route. In an ideal – hour.

– When the decision to be engaged in winter sports has come?

– Recently. I have received the invitation to take part in winter starts in September.

– How tropical Brazil gives opportunity to train and prepare for competitions on winter sports?

– Here I was very lucky. Thanks to CBDN, the Brazilian confederation of winter sports, I already trained in Sweden, Argentina, have visited also the USA and Canada.

Should admit, daily trainings demand the big return, the specific efforts connected with equipment of movement, use of sticks, skis … In Bodytech academy and at Sao Paulo University where I constantly am engaged, certainly, it is impossible to consider specifics of an ice cover, there is nothing similar to snow. I completely give all the best on trainings in Brazil, but before each competition I need to do a bit of travelling a little on snow.

– How there was an offer to go to Sochi, to Russia?

– In the beginning Brazil had one place, by the invitation. But then CBDN has sent me to train in the USA, to achieve at least the minimum classification. I participated in six competitions and … have achieved classification in all without an exception!

– We congratulate! When you intend to go to Sochi?

– At first again I will go to the USA, to Colorado to be trained in mountains. It will be on February 15. And on March 1 – to Russia.

– We wish you good luck on Paralimpiada in Sochi.

– Many thanks. It is sure that I will give all the best there to the maximum.

Arnaldo Rizemberg