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В современном мире жить стало гораздо интереснее...


Andrey Bilzho: When you have a problem, you see it at others

HAS OVERHEARD - PODSMOTREL.MALENKY the small town situated near Moscow. Saturday. Morning. It is empty. Anybody. On the sidewalk there is a man of years of sixty. In sports pants. Old. And strongly is lame in the right leg. Towards to it there is a man of years More

Loneliness and flowers

Lisa Oleskina, the director of charity foundation «In pleasure» tells an old age about how once volunteers have brought to nursing home not only habitual conditioning agents, but also fresh flowers … When the flower firm «Pink garden» has offered us the sea More

What will be 2014?

Dear readers! In some hours there will come new, 2014. What it will be - in many respects depends on us. Certainly, not everyone is capable to affect a history course, to become famous for the whole world or to become the billionaire. But what in general to consider More

27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

Natalia, 13-year-old Igors mother in which more than a 1,5 years ago doctors have found diabetes of the first type has told about the rules. Besides diabetes Igor still has number of a serious accompanying illness, including a displaziya of a connecting fabric More

I am the same person, as well as you! Premiere of the film «the NOT the»

Something children with disability differ from contemporaries? Dream of something special? Unless laugh and they cry differently? But for some reason some adults insist: «disabled people should not be together with other children». Parents refuse own children More

Former deputy of the Bundestag Ilya Zayfert: Europe will study at Russia

Ledges of the Alps not for me. After all mountains block Way To carriage. Them all the same, Though down you Though upward. — And still I was there. Venice it is constructed not for me. In a carriage on channels you will not pass. And set of bridges are step More