The Trojan Horse for inhabitants Konkovo

Every year on December 31 we with friends go …. No. It not that … Every year in in our area all spring and summer various works on «a territory accomplishment» are conducted: paint cares, shops, patch holes in asphalt, paint a border, put flowers. I with genuine More

Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all

On December 15, 2013 Sincere Bazar will open in Sokolniki in pavilion No. 4 at 11 oclock in the morning. The most large-scale pre-New Years fair of 100 % the charitable: money for each bought souvenir or a pie will go to fund of one of 68 charitable participating More

I have a schizophrenia. And I live contrary to everything

This history was sent by our reader. We publish it without changes. If you consider, what exactly she should win a prize, put «To me it is pleasant» and share with the friends in social networks. That history of courage which will earn more ретвитов, лайков and More

New vital credo of disabled people (VIDEO)

Authors of video of the spouse Norman Kunk and Emma Van rubbed Klift consider that the reason of incorrect perception of disabled people surrounding people are «ruled corrections and rehabilitations» which everywhere take root into specialised educational institutions More

Bitter money: three histories from life

History first Anastas Matveevn sobs in a tube: - The girl, what to do to me? Perhaps tablets to get drunk? It is possible how so to live? Hardly the house has reached, slightly under the car has not got, well any man has picked up … Me all shakes … What to me More

As I became the minister

Paralympic champion Mikhail Terentyev — that always it is necessary to set before itself the big purposes and, without watching at any circumstances, not to refuse dream. Because in each person huge vital forces which will surely be shown if the person has a More

Dying 80 times the woman continues to risk life, going for a threshold of the house

The 40-year-old woman says that at least 80 times was on a hair from death. Each time, leaving the house, she can die, because suffers 23 types of heavy allergies. Karen Brammer from Shefford, Great Britain, has 23 allergies, and every day lives in fear of that More