The actress of comedy theatre is not afraid of stutter and pairs more of diagnoses

The inhabitant of California Nina G. knows firsthand that means to live adequately with the diagnosis «inability to training». Nina has chosen humour as the main weapon of fight for an active vital position and not exhausted internal force – she is the unique More

«Christ to Voskresa!» font Braylya of

We congratulate all on Easter Christs! * the Font Braylya - see the picture Russian: The Christ Revive! English: Christ is Risen! Belarusian: Хрыстос уваскрос! Ukrainian: The Christ has revived! German: Christus ist auferstanden! French: Le Christ est ressuscite More

It does not ask for help, and

simply want to live Sergey Gudovich was the successful young weight-lifter, was going to marry. But in day when should go to the REGISTRY OFFICE, has got on a hospital bed and already more never went … In Molodechno near Sergeys house there is a chapel. In More

Supersensitivity: the world in perception of the autist of

The English fund of the help to the people suffering from autism (National Autistic Society), has let out a roller which is visually showing as people with autism, suffering touch sensitivity, perceive sounds habitual for us. More

Elena Serkulskaya: «I am the teacher whom carry on hands»

Elena Serkulskoys life is generous on abrupt turns. In 18 years she did not think of the future out of big-time sports, a podium and the overflowed tribunes. The trauma has compelled it to be locked within four walls for long ten years. Surprisingly, however More

Anew to open for itself love: My 6-year-old child and her paralysed father

My husband paralysed. I care of it, and I work at work full time, but there are days when I feel that to the daughter give not enough attention. To Isabel there were only 6 months when her father was traumatised in a spinal cord. During its first six months, More

How to become the successful social businessman?

«Why I (my child, the loved one) became a disabled person? For what to me it?» Similar questions at least time in life visit everyone who on a personal experience has learnt how it is difficult and offensive – not to be able to do that with ease people around More