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Paralympic games: History, development, heroes …

The history of Olympic Games is well-known much. Unfortunately, games — the Olympic Games for people with the physical defects limited by possibilities are much less known Paraolympic, or as it is accepted to write, Paralympic. The founder of Paralympic movement More

Strong spirit. Athletes disabled people

Kyle Maynard was born without hands and feet. But it did not become a barrier on a way to its active life. He became the fighter of MMA competing to healthy athletes, has been called in ten outstanding young Americans, and as a result has been included in the More

Ordinary hero. «For disabled children sports — are possibility to escape»

In a new series of a special project the deserved trainer of the Russian Federation Boris Dvornikov has told how to make of the person with limited possibilities of the champion and to help it to cope with an inferiority complex. Among his pupils — the quadruple More