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Supersensitivity: the world in perception of the autist of

The English fund of the help to the people suffering from autism (National Autistic Society), has let out a roller which is visually showing as people with autism, suffering touch sensitivity, perceive sounds habitual for us. More

What tablet will help the autist?

That the child with autism can be very quite good expert in the computer sphere, I have casually found out on occupations by animation. The leader of occupations of a multstudiya of the centre of rehabilitation of disabled from childhood «Our solar world» Milan More

Autism. How to write success history?

On June 4 in Minsk the project «Autism will be presented: it is simple to understand» ( which have thought up and parents of children with autism впомощьсвоимсыновьямидочерям realise. 20 children participate in the project with autism about which More

«Children with autism are not going to break a bus door»

The special psychologist from Brest Olga Rybachuk works with special children. And conversation at us has turned out not usual, a little similar to dialogue of the expert and mother of the child with autism. It – about an eternal choice of the person between More

Immunologist: to reduce «autism epidemic» by 90 %, three years

are necessary Epidemic of autism can be broken Research supervisor of MITs Immunkulus Alexander Poletayev, participant of the II Moscow international scientific and practical conference «Autism. Calls and decisions», has told to journalists More

Stephen Shor: people with autism can be useful to society of

Stephen Shor - one of the most known people with autism in the world. He has started to tell to one of the first about the experience publicly. In one and a half years has endured «autistichesky recourse», in four years doctors suggested it to parents to place More

Not to wait and trust. How to arrange in mass school of the child with autism?

You can tell, who from these boys the autist? What at the left, or here this, more to the right? Senior or younger? I like this picture because in it there is no statement. And it not so much about summer, how many about the main condition of co-education: ordinary More