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New vital credo of disabled people (VIDEO)

Authors of video of the spouse Norman Kunk and Emma Van rubbed Klift consider that the reason of incorrect perception of disabled people surrounding people are «ruled corrections and rehabilitations» which everywhere take root into specialised educational institutions More

Whether the credit for disabled people is possible?

The majority of the Russian banks is supported actively by the social programs directed on assistance to persons with limited possibilities, and participate in similar charitable actions not less actively. And here the situation with delivery of loans to disabled More

The most generous person

Last year Bill Gates has offered on charity 2 billion dollars. You can imagine that influence what it has rendered on the world? Bill Gates, T.Boone Pickens, Warren Baffet - generous people. They have offered a huge part of the condition. And it is healthy! I More

The love does not consider a chromosome

It is necessary to call things by their proper names: the level of development of a civilisation is defined by its relation to the weakest and unprotected members of society. And other criterion is not present. Gerome Lezhyon French «Fund of a name of Gerome More

To learn to lead the life, to hear the sound …

Ideas of competition, the competition are imposed to us literally since the childhood. Whom? Without digging deeply, I will tell: at least those who already lives similar stereotypes. And after all that is characteristic - in a certain framework of idea quite More