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As I became the minister

Paralympic champion Mikhail Terentyev — that always it is necessary to set before itself the big purposes and, without watching at any circumstances, not to refuse dream. Because in each person huge vital forces which will surely be shown if the person has a More

Aranins feat: As the person in a wheelchair has created super-successful business

The history of the Kaliningrad businessman Roman Aranin, the founder of the Observer company, is rather similar on new «The story about the real person». It from those people whom it is accepted to call strong, as steel. Nearly 10 years ago all successful and More

Dominica Budzhinska: «The carriage induces me more to work»

– In me such force that also did not dream much, – 20-year Dominica Budzhinsk (Dominika BUDZYNSKA) speaks about itself. – I do not perceive limited possibilities, preferring possibilities — to restrictions. In the blog and on a page in the Facebook the girl from More