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27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

Natalia, 13-year-old Igors mother in which more than a 1,5 years ago doctors have found diabetes of the first type has told about the rules. Besides diabetes Igor still has number of a serious accompanying illness, including a displaziya of a connecting fabric More

Autism: the success depends on parents

Autism subject now especially is much discussed, to that the reason and films, and stories about autists. But still there are no clear ideas – that such autism? From where it undertakes and what with autists to do – to treat, learn, or it simply features of the More

200 rubles for the healthy childhood: why on treatment raise money on the Internet?

When Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets was perplexed aloud why parents of disabled children raise money on the Internet, Nadejda Tokarev has answered it with sharp verses. When to Petersburg have ceased to bring Kepprs vital preparation, has reached More

Christine Hall: it is necessary to support not so much children with autism, how many a family as a whole

In autism Center Marcus in Atlanta (USA) support not so much children, how many a family as a whole The doctor of psychology, the director of service of a clinical assessment of Marcus Autism Center, the USA, Christine Hall at the international forum More

The woman has thrown down a challenge to the doctors recommending to it to get rid of a two-headed fruit

“Our future child will have two head brains and two persons, but we still wait for his birth”, - the parents, thrown down have declared a challenge to doctors who recommended to them to get rid of freak. Inhabitants of Australia - Rehn Young (Renee More

The parent capital it will be possible to spend for disabled children

The government suggests to introduce in the law «About additional measures of the state support of the families having children» the amendments, allowing to spend the matkapital on providing the disabled child, his rehabilitation or the necessary More

The childrens rehabilitation centres – than in them are engaged, and how they can help children with features with development?

The difficult lifelong diagnosis — cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, autism, a Down syndrome or Williams, any other genetic violation is made to your child … Or you while only notice that with your kid «something not so» — it obviously lags behind in development More