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I am the same person, as well as you! Premiere of the film «the NOT the»

Something children with disability differ from contemporaries? Dream of something special? Unless laugh and they cry differently? But for some reason some adults insist: «disabled people should not be together with other children». Parents refuse own children More

Disneys princesses in wheelchairs: look and fall in love with

Very long time ago in the magic country there lived very lovely one-eyed prince who dreamt to marry the fine one-armed princess and to go to a honeymoon trip on a wheelchair … Hardly you tell to children for the night such fairy tales. And it is a pity. More

Katerina Bletsa: How to make disability interesting lifestyle

Katerina Bletsa – the teacher of No. school of 2 cities of Trikalas in the Central Greece. At teenage age its health has reeled, and the neuropathy has suddenly developed. Katerina has ceased to go, but has not ceased to enjoy life. She went in for sports, and More

Stella Young: Disabled people — not a source for inspiration

You look at disabled people and think: «Well, whatever bad was my life, can be and is worse. I could be on a place of this person». Stella Young - the comedian and the journalist from Australia, spending every day in a wheelchair - about a habit of society to More