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Former deputy of the Bundestag Ilya Zayfert: Europe will study at Russia

Ledges of the Alps not for me. After all mountains block Way To carriage. Them all the same, Though down you Though upward. — And still I was there. Venice it is constructed not for me. In a carriage on channels you will not pass. And set of bridges are step More

To be weak

are not a shame The confusion of concepts often leads to violation of logic of thought process. For the last years I saw many publications in which speaks how it is necessary to communicate with disabled people as to them to belong that it is possible to speak More

The parent capital it will be possible to spend for disabled children

The government suggests to introduce in the law «About additional measures of the state support of the families having children» the amendments, allowing to spend the matkapital on providing the disabled child, his rehabilitation or the necessary More

Privileges to disabled people of I and II groups: journey, treatment, medicines, education

Many disabled people even do not suspect about what privileges to them rely. And consequently do not use them. Pay where they under the law need not to pay. And how many money it is possible to save, for example, on one only public transport?! So study laws and More

What rights disabled people have in the Russian Federation

It only seems that in Russia the disabled person has no rights. Actually people with limited possibilities often simply them do not use, because do not know about the put privileges. Certainly, in comparison with the West of the right of the domestic disabled More

Stella Young: Disabled people — not a source for inspiration

You look at disabled people and think: «Well, whatever bad was my life, can be and is worse. I could be on a place of this person». Stella Young - the comedian and the journalist from Australia, spending every day in a wheelchair - about a habit of society to More

Whether the credit for disabled people is possible?

The majority of the Russian banks is supported actively by the social programs directed on assistance to persons with limited possibilities, and participate in similar charitable actions not less actively. And here the situation with delivery of loans to disabled More