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Transhumanists could help disabled people to immortality

The owner of a bionic (cybernetic) hand first in Russia Alexey Obydennov has taken part in conference «The global future 2045 ?, devoted, generally to humanitarian problems of creation of artificial bodies, changes of consciousness and achievement of immortality More

Five magnificent dances in special execution (+ВИДЕО)

Try to repeat these special dances! It turns out? 1. A tap dance on one foot: Euan Ragdzhiro has lost the foot because of a cancer of a bone in 2010. Before operation 19-year-old Ragdzhiro has told to doctors: «I promise you that I will beat again a tap dance» More

It without a foot + it without a hand = the BALLET!

This number has been presented for the first time in 2007 at national dancing competition in which until then disabled people did not act. Pair has received a silver award. More than 7000 people participated in competition, but Ma Lis (Ma Li) performance and More