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Queue for miracle

«Everything, we have passed!» — phone calls of the majority of the believers who stood in turn lasting many hours and have bowed to Honest The Gift of the Magi in Cathedral of the Redeemer so began. From Moscow shrines go to St. Petersburg, to the temple of the More


After moving to me, naturally, it was necessary to look for a new way of movement to reach work. Here then ours were crossed with way PAM … That who never heard this strange acronym, very strongly it was lucky. And the name it, by the way, not especially differs More

Christmas in инстаграмме the blind person

Despite an absolute congenital blindness Tommie Edison conducts the most popular (more than 145 thousand subscribers) page in Instagram. In detail about its works we wrote here. Here what Tommie shows Christmas: More

«The empire strikes back»

In the spring of last year on the central television the documentary film “Anton here nearby”, telling not only story of autist Anton, but also history of how cinematographers from story-tellers have turned into the people who have rendered to the person the More