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What does the person when to it one of the best friends strikes blow with a knife in a back feel? Think of people who are closest to you. In mind make the list of about ten such people. Whom do you include in this list? The best friend? Brother or sister More

Nick Vuychichs column: Jesus Christs family tree

In Gospel chapter 1 from Matfey the family tree of the Savior is described. And it actually «Who is who» human defects. In a sort of the Christ was, for example, Iakov who has stolen fatherly inheritance at the brother, and lay then to hide it. Jesus Rakhava More

Nick Vuychichs column: Power source

You sometime tried to use a blender which has not been connected to an electric network or not charged mobile phone? Irrespective of how strongly you want to drink cocktail or to make an urgent call if there is no electricity, at you it will turn out nothing More