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Dying 80 times the woman continues to risk life, going for a threshold of the house

The 40-year-old woman says that at least 80 times was on a hair from death. Each time, leaving the house, she can die, because suffers 23 types of heavy allergies. Karen Brammer from Shefford, Great Britain, has 23 allergies, and every day lives in fear of that More

Thanks, Elaydzha! The member of the Canadian Parliament remembers

the deadborn son John Dzhalsvak Ottawa, Ontario, on November 1, 2013. When the member of the Canadian Parliament Kyle Sibek and his wife 2011 have learnt in the summer that they will have the third child, they have had mixed feelings. Pregnancy was unplanned More

«My life, disability and other troubles» – anonymous revelations of the Frenchwoman

The author of the blog «My life, disability and other troubles» call Elodie (the accent on a final syllable), it thirty, is ill from 11 years. Elodie tries to keep anonymity therefore does not specify a place of the residence. But it is exact not Paris. But about More

Dominica Budzhinska: «The carriage induces me more to work»

– In me such force that also did not dream much, – 20-year Dominica Budzhinsk (Dominika BUDZYNSKA) speaks about itself. – I do not perceive limited possibilities, preferring possibilities — to restrictions. In the blog and on a page in the Facebook the girl from More

History of the paralysed optimist

Jesse Bilauer was only 17 years old when doctors have sounded the terrible diagnosis: A kvadriplegiya (paralysis of extremities) also have taken out a verdict that, most likely, the young man never cannot go any more. During driving on Jesses surfing has damaged More

15 feature films about diseases

It is good to know that your relatives are healthy. But at once can everything when you learn will change that someone from the native is incurably sick. Here some films telling about similar problems. «I too» Drama Spain 2009 In roles: Lola Duenyas, Pablo Pineda More

In Adygea there was a new theatre for people with limited possibilities

In the Capital of Adygea the theatrical season has opened the new unusual project. Actors the majority from which are chained to a wheelchair, have put performance with the symbolical name — «Through thorns to stars». History how life can be divided suddenly More