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Contrary to the diagnosis

Sascha costs at hill top. The winter sun will stick together eyes, frosty air pinches from time to time cheeks, in a face the cold wind blows … A little more — and it will depart on a slope down, speeding up on each turn that on the finish to arrive More

Where to go on June 1, to please itself and to help another of

1. Verses, songs and drawings on evening of Kislorod fund And here that on the poster is called «Draw to me a lamb» is will occur approximately so. The same island will sit at any little table Sergy with paper and felt-tip pens, and you approach and order the More

Poll: Whether you submit alms?

Representatives of Head department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have suggested to allocate on July 7 begging in separate structure of an administrative offence in the Moscow KOAP and to establish penalties for it in the sum from 2,5 to 5 thousand More