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27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

Natalia, 13-year-old Igors mother in which more than a 1,5 years ago doctors have found diabetes of the first type has told about the rules. Besides diabetes Igor still has number of a serious accompanying illness, including a displaziya of a connecting fabric More

New vital credo of disabled people (VIDEO)

Authors of video of the spouse Norman Kunk and Emma Van rubbed Klift consider that the reason of incorrect perception of disabled people surrounding people are «ruled corrections and rehabilitations» which everywhere take root into specialised educational institutions More

The German technique helps the Petersburg disabled people to find a congenial employment of

The St. Petersburg association of public associations of parents of disabled children (ГАООРДИ) together with the Center of employment of the population of St. Petersburg this year carry out already the second cycle of the seminars devoted to a German technique More

Column of the psychologist: If your child – the disabled person

Doctor-psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences Andrey Yermoshin If in a family there is a disabled child, and there are no hopes of radical improvements how to develop the correct, working relation to a problem and to continue to live? Mind all of us More

If the body was able to tell …

Dear Cecilia, Here already long 24 years you are my tenant, and, the word of honour, I do not know, to cry to me or to laugh. The first 19 years have passed, in principle, quite well in spite of the fact that sometimes you nevertheless not so correctly behaved More