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Column of the editor: Nikitas apologia

We did not do anything that the fragment of the book of Nikita Shchiruk became the most popular text on our site. We were surprised to it together with Nikita. The text has been laid out in the evening on Friday January 10, and with improbable speed More

«Lets employ the good disabled person»

To Nikita Drobota 19, and it child of the time: studies at evening school, works as the courier, goes to the pool and loves fast food. We talk, sitting at a little table of the Minsk McDonalds. Nikita answers questions, but looks not at me, and on sitting More

Nikita Shchiruk: People in vain are afraid of autists

After the publication on our portal of fragments of the book the 21-year-old autist from Moscow Nikita Shchiruk has woken up the well-known. «It is very pleasant to me. I today all day answer questions and I add as a friend. But I was not so tired. I am glad» More