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To whom Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary? Opinion of paralimpiyets

On a question: «Why the Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary to us?» – everything who only could have answered, apparently. Sellers of a radish in the Sochi markets, креаклы on Snob.Ra, Xenia Sobchak, Julius Latynina, Sergey Dorenko, Stephen Fr, gay activists More

Vyacheslav Egorov: 7 паралимпиад through one lens of

Vyacheslav Egorov – the traveller, the athlete, the artist and the photographer, the goodwill ambassador of the United Nations, the head and the participant of 104 expeditions to Tibet and Altiplano, Gobi and Nask, the Cordilleras and  More

Games in Sochi have washed away borders between pair and simply the Olympic Games

Olympic paralimpiyets At anybody language will not turn to call Plushenko the disabled person. Do not call and a great number of athletes which, despite heavy traumas and diseases, continue to win various competitions. Including – and on the Olympic Games. More

Paralympic games: History, development, heroes …

The history of Olympic Games is well-known much. Unfortunately, games — the Olympic Games for people with the physical defects limited by possibilities are much less known Paraolympic, or as it is accepted to write, Paralympic. The founder of Paralympic movement More

Paralympic games: from where, when, why

Ludwig Guttman – the father of Paralympic games Competitions for people with the limited physical possibilities, received over time the name of Paralympic games, began to be carried out from giving of outstanding neurosurgeon Ludwig Guttman (1899-1980). More