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What does the person when to it one of the best friends strikes blow with a knife in a back feel? Think of people who are closest to you. In mind make the list of about ten such people. Whom do you include in this list? The best friend? Brother or sister More

How to live the own way. Completely immobilised person became one of the best system administrators in the country

In the phrase «helpless situation» Alexander steadily quotes the first word. The person whom the hand do not obey and feet – is helpless? And if it thus successfully works, studies in foreign higher education institution, wins on the Olympic Games which is led More


I think, hypocrisy will not tell that searches of love are given to some people more difficultly, than the rest. Very much they are not similar to those who surrounds them. At the beginning of 2013 the British Channel channel 4 has started to let out the show More