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Galina Klishova: In Russia any homeless – the potential disabled person

Average experience of homelessness in our country - seven years. Remember also our climate and do conclusions. Not the superfluous will remember and that statistically on the average in life half a year on the street the person has changes in mentality then it More

Column of the editor: Nikitas apologia

We did not do anything that the fragment of the book of Nikita Shchiruk became the most popular text on our site. We were surprised to it together with Nikita. The text has been laid out in the evening on Friday January 10, and with improbable speed More

Autism. How to write success history?

On June 4 in Minsk the project «Autism will be presented: it is simple to understand» (autismschool.by) which have thought up and parents of children with autism впомощьсвоимсыновьямидочерям realise. 20 children participate in the project with autism about which More

You in our hearts!

Support words to participants of Paralympic games of Sochi 2014 Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PDt0CY7XbA More

In what the daughter with a Down syndrome can outstrip mother and the father of

At first you endure shock, then gradually the grief becomes happiness of motherhood and paternity, and then you register public organisation. Such is in Russia a way of many active parents, whose children were born with features of health. Parents of the small More

Our family is strong more than ever!

Many remember the moments which have changed their life up to day and hour. I remember only month. In July to 2008 me have told that my second child, my son, he then was 2 years old, will not be such, as other children. Heavy form of autism, being accompanied More

Zeus in the help! Some thoughts on the Acropolis exhibition

In one of interview the former Minister of Education Andrey Fursenko has made a reservation and has declared that a problem of the state is creation of society of ideal consumers. This phrase many - in it remember too much truth. Ideal consumers have already More