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Former deputy of the Bundestag Ilya Zayfert: Europe will study at Russia

Ledges of the Alps not for me. After all mountains block Way To carriage. Them all the same, Though down you Though upward. — And still I was there. Venice it is constructed not for me. In a carriage on channels you will not pass. And set of bridges are step More

The Trojan Horse for inhabitants Konkovo

Every year on December 31 we with friends go …. No. It not that … Every year in in our area all spring and summer various works on «a territory accomplishment» are conducted: paint cares, shops, patch holes in asphalt, paint a border, put flowers. I with genuine More

Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all

On December 15, 2013 Sincere Bazar will open in Sokolniki in pavilion No. 4 at 11 oclock in the morning. The most large-scale pre-New Years fair of 100 % the charitable: money for each bought souvenir or a pie will go to fund of one of 68 charitable participating More

New vital credo of disabled people (VIDEO)

Authors of video of the spouse Norman Kunk and Emma Van rubbed Klift consider that the reason of incorrect perception of disabled people surrounding people are «ruled corrections and rehabilitations» which everywhere take root into specialised educational institutions More

The actress of comedy theatre is not afraid of stutter and pairs more of diagnoses

The inhabitant of California Nina G. knows firsthand that means to live adequately with the diagnosis «inability to training». Nina has chosen humour as the main weapon of fight for an active vital position and not exhausted internal force – she is the unique More

Supersensitivity: the world in perception of the autist of

The English fund of the help to the people suffering from autism (National Autistic Society), has let out a roller which is visually showing as people with autism, suffering touch sensitivity, perceive sounds habitual for us. More

How to become the successful social businessman?

«Why I (my child, the loved one) became a disabled person? For what to me it?» Similar questions at least time in life visit everyone who on a personal experience has learnt how it is difficult and offensive – not to be able to do that with ease people around More