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Tatyana Churzina: Буратино.ru

The Volga drama theatre the premiere of performance under the name Buratino.Ru has taken place. Two years ago it slightly was have not forbidden to display. Today the fairy tale have made more modest. As the director of the fairy tale for adults More

In Adygea there was a new theatre for people with limited possibilities

In the Capital of Adygea the theatrical season has opened the new unusual project. Actors the majority from which are chained to a wheelchair, have put performance with the symbolical name — «Through thorns to stars». History how life can be divided suddenly More

«Contact cinema» Boryana Rossa

What is the real feminity? Whether society as a whole is ready and each of us in particular to concern problem which are felt by the women who have transferred operation on a breast? The Bulgarian artist Boryana Rossa has put these questions before the Russian More

«Hands to touch». Reporting on the Israeli theatre of slepoglukhonemy

In the port of Jaffa from 2007th year the centre «On Lyagaat» («Hands to touch») operates. In the centre the theatre «On Lyagaat» – the unique theatre in the world with troupe from slepoglukhonemy actors, and also Kapish cafe with the deaf service personnel and More