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I have a schizophrenia. And I live contrary to everything

This history was sent by our reader. We publish it without changes. If you consider, what exactly she should win a prize, put «To me it is pleasant» and share with the friends in social networks. That history of courage which will earn more ретвитов, лайков and More

Where to take the credit to the disabled person: Practical advice

A certain sum of money in some cases can be necessary for purchase of the goods, fee etc. for each person. And it is absolutely unimportant, the person is healthy or has disability. Disabled people also can need money, and even it is possible to tell that to More

What rights disabled people have in the Russian Federation

It only seems that in Russia the disabled person has no rights. Actually people with limited possibilities often simply them do not use, because do not know about the put privileges. Certainly, in comparison with the West of the right of the domestic disabled More

Disability: If the friend has got to trouble …

Instead of the preface In the beginning I would like to thank all those who has not stood aside when his friend has got to a situation unusual and frightening for. You do not represent, as for the injured person your words of support much mean. And let it seems More

To respect the ordinary person

Notice to itself, the lovely prince that there is nothing more disappointingly to the person of our time and a tribe how to tell to it that it is not original, weak character, without special talents and people ordinary.   More

Voices of blockade Leningrad in the centre «Anton here nearby»

In the St. Petersburg centre of training, social rehabilitation and creativity of people with autism «Anton here nearby» has taken place on May 26 viewing of the documentary film Voices and a meeting with the author of idea and one of directors Katerina More

Game in poddavka

Comparing the present relation to disabled people in Russia to the relation of 30-year prescription, I often catch myself on thought that then everything was more honest. People who did not want to see us near itself, not especially minced words. It was sick More