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Operation of a hysterics and its side effects

Recently I have looked at one known talk show. Plot: at boy Sascha G. (the name is changed) a mikrotsefaliya, his parents have dispersed, the child remained with mother, now she accuses the father of the child that that has turned out it, does not want to care More

Alexander Chalin: Track of destiny

The miner, having lost both feet, has learnt to skate and earn on life … game in hockey Alexander Chalin in two years has learnt to go for a drive on ice and has entered into Russian national team. Alexander Chalin, the unique hockey player from Prokopevsk More

Life on a font Braylya

Gornolyzhnik paralimpiyets Alexander Fedoruk dreams of the Olympic gold, a close-knit family and the fair relation to disabled people. We with Sascha have agreed at once that we will talk simply, on you. It has come into a room from the More