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10 facts about Paralympic games in Sochi

Paralimpiada in Russia is led for the first time The prices for tickets begin from 300 rubles, and they can be bought Participants will compete in five sports: mountain skiing (including pair snowboard – for the first time in history Paralympic games); skiing More

The cultural program of Paralympic games in Sochi will surprise the audience with bright statements

The cultural program of Paralympic winter games in Sochi will present to the audience the musical and art masterpieces collected within the Cultural Olympic Games «Sochi 2014». Theatrical festivals, performances of winners of the All-Russia creative competitions More

Lipnitsky, Khamatova and others: who bore Paralympic fire in Moscow?

Number 120 of capital fakelonosets included known athletes and veterans of sports, disabled athletes and their instructors, and also the Russian celebrities. For example, prize-winners of the Sochi Olympic Games of the figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova and More

The brightest facts about Paralympic relay race of

Relay race will begin on February 27. In design of the Torch of the Paralympic games Sochi-2014 the heritage of the greatest Russian artists – Bilibina and Baksta, Korovin and Kustodiyeva is used. The bent outlines of a feather of the Firebird, More