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To whom Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary? Opinion of paralimpiyets

On a question: «Why the Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary to us?» – everything who only could have answered, apparently. Sellers of a radish in the Sochi markets, креаклы on Snob.Ra, Xenia Sobchak, Julius Latynina, Sergey Dorenko, Stephen Fr, gay activists More

The reporting from sports paradise

Why the trainer of the Paralympic national team of Ukraine on firing from onions finds potential athletes on the street, for what reasons kolyasochnik in panic are afraid some water, why to instructors in swimming to know a sign language and how to become the More

Volunteer паралимпиады: «Every day we live as a holiday!»

Marina Gorokhovskaya - the economist from the small city of Koryazhm of the Arkhangelsk region dreamt to become a volunteer on Paralympic games. The marine works in a brigade of control of skiing and biathlon. - How you have decided to become a volunteer? - Volunteering More

Brazilian paralimpiyets: «I from those who lives for the sake of sports»

Athlete Fernando Aranya who will represent Brazil on Paralimpiadas skiing in Sochi, has told in interview to the Voice of Russia» about the favourite sports disciplines and a family from 115 brothers and sisters - Tell about itself: where were born, how More

Any justifications: «Sports – my work» – interview to a paralimpiyets Oleg Balukhto

Oleg Balukhto – the master of sports of the international class, repeated prize-winner Chempionatov and World Cups on skiing, the participant of Paralympic games in Vancouver. One of these days we have had a talk with Oleg about sports, sports spirit and about More

Strong and inspiring: 8 most known Russian paralimpiyets

Russian Roman Petushkov - the fivefold world champion in skiing and biathlon of sports of persons with defeat of the musculoskeletal device of 2013. The repeated winner of stages of the World Cup, the silver and bronze prize-winner of the Paralympic games, twice More

Paralympic games

Whether there is Sochi the sports centre for paralimpiyets? What chances at the Russian national team? These and other questions were answered on February 20 at 14.00 by the vice-chairman of committee of the State Duma on work, social policy and affairs of veterans More