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Loneliness and flowers

Lisa Oleskina, the director of charity foundation «In pleasure» tells an old age about how once volunteers have brought to nursing home not only habitual conditioning agents, but also fresh flowers … When the flower firm «Pink garden» has offered us the sea More

Vladimir Havshabo: on Paralimpiada we went as on a meeting with friends of

Vladimir Havshabo — the trustee of six disabled children. With them and four more disabled children it went on Paralimpiada to support athletes and now is sure that pleasure about their victories — not hypocrisy, and the bezbaryerny environment in Sochi — not More

Nick Vuychichs column: When hands

fall You sometime felt, what you lower hands? In the life I had similar a feeling several times. During trips on the world and meetings with listeners I often set them (to men, women, students, parents) a similar question. If yes, that I ask them to lift hands More

Golden boys

The skier who has won gold on the Olympic Games, has dragged through a barrier of the disabled brother — that that smog together with it to endure minutes of its celebration and a victory. Many years ago, absolutely young girl, right after institute I have More