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What will be 2014?

Dear readers! In some hours there will come new, 2014. What it will be - in many respects depends on us. Certainly, not everyone is capable to affect a history course, to become famous for the whole world or to become the billionaire. But what in general to consider More

Pablo Pineda: «Support the child, and it will believe in the possibilities»

Pablo Pineda is known as the unique person in Europe with a Down syndrome which has graduated from the university and became the teacher. He also has played a leading role in the film «I too» in which the love story of the young man with a Down syndrome is told More

«Save an electricity — employ blind»: 8 most creative and positive rollers about blind people of

The coolest creative producers in the sphere of social advertising - associations of the blind different countries. Really: to open eyes of inhabitants on a problem blind, it is necessary to work strongly. We bring to your attention a selection from the most More

«God will soak, but it and will dry up»

Interview to Oleg Senin, the blind writer and the poet, the theologian and katekhizator, the deputy and the public figure from Tula. Oleg Mikhaylovich Senin – the person of extraordinary destiny. In far 1966th year, being the student of the Saratov legal institute More

Marriage with the disabled person: infinite socialisation instead of a happy family?

Olya and Lyoshas history seemed banal and, on my deep belief, should end quickly. She is the Belarusian girl schoolgirl with the cerebral spastic infantile paralysis diagnosis, big problems with movement and a fair share of youthful maximalism. He More