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Nick Vuychichs column: Jesus Christs family tree

In Gospel chapter 1 from Matfey the family tree of the Savior is described. And it actually «Who is who» human defects. In a sort of the Christ was, for example, Iakov who has stolen fatherly inheritance at the brother, and lay then to hide it. Jesus Rakhava More

Nick Vuychichs column: Always there will be the one who wishes to listen to

When I was rolled out on empty stadium in Hungary, from seen at me have intercepted breath. Long empty lines cascades went down to a midfield where later this evening I read the sermon. I sat in silence and thought of people who will occupy chairs empty now. More

The love is stronger than an illness

Natalia is Tarenko — the expert in public relations. And in soul it — the teacher who is able to see in the sick child not only a serious illness, and the personality, ready to learn world around the same as its contemporaries. To realise the calling to Natasha More