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What will be 2014?

Dear readers! In some hours there will come new, 2014. What it will be - in many respects depends on us. Certainly, not everyone is capable to affect a history course, to become famous for the whole world or to become the billionaire. But what in general to consider More

To Nick Vuychichs son year is executed!

«I the truth cannot believe that to it next week year will be executed! He remarkable also likes to drag me out», - Nick Vuychich on the page in the Facebook//I has written seriously cant believe he is going to be an one-year-old next week. He is adorable and More

The blind student became the best illustrator of year

The 25-year-old student creates tremendous works of art in spite of the fact that she never can see completely them - the girl almost blind. However even lack of sight has not prevented it to become the illustrator of year. 25-year-old Kimberley Burrows (Kimberley More